Vessel of Love

Jesus make me a vessel of love
To a world in so much need
People are searching, looking
Finding it everywhere but You

How the world needs true, undefiled love
How much that is only found in You
Your PURE LOVE flows from Your heart
To every person on earth

We are unable to grasp
We are unable to understand
A love as GREAT as Yours
Is found NOWHERE in all the universe

The King of Creation
Was sent with a mission
Save the world
Save them from themselves

Serve them humbly
Show them unconditional love
Some will still reject Me
Some will still believe the lies

Some will never accept Me
Some will stay forever lost
Dear child I came for you to have eternal life
I came for you to be free

If you will only listen to the voice
Now telling you to believe
You would be set free
From all the deception of life

I care so much for you
If people truly understood My offer of salvation
My offer of relationship

It would be ludicrous for them
To choose any other way
With Me on the road of Life
You are NEVER ALONE, I am there every step of the way

How well you understand
Fighting for yourself
How well you understand
Battling it out all on your own

Dear child you would not need to do it ever again
I would be there
Listening to the voice of your heart
Truly caring about who you are

I care so much
How I long to be a part of your every day
I miss you so much
I only get to listen once in a while

Dear child how I long to share My heart
How I long to reveal more of who I am
Dear child you would need to quiet down
There would need to be a desire to put some time aside

I so often wanna share My heart
My Voice, yes talk to you
But then your heart of fear
Believes that I am not to be trusted

You then allow yourself
To be drawn back inside
So scared of being hurt
So scared of being condemned

Dear child if you could understand
If you would only truly believe
There is nothing more beautiful
Than allowing your heart to be opened, receiving from Me

I see your frailties, I see your shortcomings
I see your smile, I see your heart
I love you so much dear child
Will you please believe Me?

Nothing on earth is as special as a child of Mine
Eager to spending time with Me
How it touches My heart
To hear from you, you waiting to hear from Me

I love you dear child
Through Jesus you can boldly come
To My throne of grace
Yes to hear from Me

Soft words of love
Encouraging you on
Wisdom and strength for the road ahead
Dear child there is NO NEED to be afraid of Me

I am the King of the Universe
Still you are My child
I care for you
With a love greater than you will ever know

Ask Me to shine My light
On the scary parts inside
Ask Me to remove the fear
Ask Me to fill you with love, peace, joy instead

Do not be afraid dear child
Trust My heart
Let Me show you the real Me
Allow Me to come in

Please dear child
How free you could be
Open your heart, be ready to receive
My words, My love, My peace