The Voice of Pain

Lord we choose life
We choose to do things your way
Our way stinks
Our way brings so much pain

Listening to the Voice of Pain
Leading us into Temptations of Pain
Guiding us with Directions of Pain
How you enemy are made of PAIN

You thrive on our pain, you delight in our pain
I can hear your thundering laugh, deep past your evil heart
What can I do next?
How can I rip them apart?

I will not leave them
I will not let go
Until I have them in pieces
Yes shredded apart

Dear child I came to give you LIFE
Please, please choose life
I am unable to heal your pain
I am unable to open your heart

Please choose life
I know it is very difficult
You’ve only been hurt
Dear child please allow Me to touch you with My heart

My heart, My love
Will heal you
It will lead you away from the enemy’s path
I will give you love

Love for yourself
Love for others
My love will enable you to forgive
Yes also yourself

Please listen to My Voice
Still and soft
I knock at the door of your heart
Please dear child, please … choose Life.

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