Wrong Way!

The Lord, I do not condemn you
I love you
I gave My Son
For you to have Life

Life to the fullest
Life filled with joy
Life filled with peace
Dear child I do not condemn you, I love you

My desire for you is to choose life
Not death
The road of Death kills you
The way of Death destroys your heart and soul

How I long to flood your soul
With Joy
Hope, Peace

I long to shine My glory-light
If only you will ask
I want to show you the way of Life
If only you will commit and admit you do need help

You are so blinded by the lies of the enemy and self
Telling you that you have full control
Telling you that you are able to stand
Telling you that you are perfect in all your ways

Dear child your eyes need to be opened
How you need to see the light of day
I want to fill your life with truth
How I want to fill your soul with light

My love will explode like a fire
Within your deepest part
Like flames it will grow and flow
Healing you from the inside

Dear child please open your heart
Please allow Me to come in
If you will surrender
I will come in and pave the way

The way to a new life
In Christ
The way where what is behind
Is replaced with a new man on the inside

My way is Truth says the Lord
My way is Light
Dear child please choose Life
How My heart aches when you choose the Wrong Way.