Scars of the heart

Who are able to put back
What has been broken?
Deep, open sores in the heart of a man
Wounds cut so deep no man can understand

I am says the Lord
I am so willing and more than able
I can, I will, I want to
He says

My dear child if you will trust
The work of My hands unto Me
I will lift you up
I will let you soar on wings like an eagle

I am able to heal
Any brokenness, any pain ever suffered
You do not realise
Just because it is behind you

Doesn’t mean that the wounds
Haven’t left a scar
It is My desire to heal the wound
It is My desire to have you healed

From the pain of the past
From what lies behind
From the attacks of the enemy
From the hurt in your life

I can heal any pain dear child
No pain is too small or too great
Every wound I long to heal
Every wound I want to heal

I see your brokenness dear child
I see your pain
It is my desire to touch your heart with My compassion
It is my desire to see you healed

I cannot do anything about the past
Your future I can change
If only you will give Me your hand
If only you will commit what you do have

Your life, your pain, your memories
Give them to Me
Dear child I promise to take good care of them
I promise to take the best care of YOU

I will never deceive you
I will never put a knife in your back
I love you dear child
My love always wants what is best for you

My Son proved My love
Every step you take with Me
Will prove My faithfulness
For sure I will never let go

Put your trust in Me dear child
We’ll go places you never thought possible
Dreams will become a reality
My dreams I will give you

Submit your way
Surrender your will
You will see dear child
A piece of My heart you never thought could-be

Love, Abba God.