Cries of the heart

If only someone could hear my heart
I’m screaming it aloud
How is it that no one can hear
The voice of my heart

I am so tired of all the pain
I’m so tired of being used
A punch bag for the enemy
A punch bag for the world, how I am drained

I need to live
I need to also have hope
Will someone please just give me peace
Will everyone please just stay out of my way

I so try to be okay
I try my very best to fit in
Still there is a big gap inside
No amount of anything wants to ease the pain

I need peace
I so need peace
Please somebody hear me?
Please hear the cries of my heart!

I hear your heart dear child
I know the beatings of your heart
I see your pain
I see your need

I am the ONLY ONE
Able to fill that GAP
With My love
And My arms of peace

If you would turn to Me
Humbly ask, with a pure heart
Things will change
You wouldn’t believe your eyes

A light will be lit
In the deepest part of your heart
Like the sun it will shine
How the world will see you are Mine.