Voice of Life

The lies the enemy tells those
Who are still on the outside
Those not living in victory
Those still lacking

They are just so ridiculous
O yes, wrapped in sugar and gold
They sound so reasonable
Still they are miles away from the real truth

There is only ONE God
Jahwe Father-God is His Name
Elohim Creator of Heaven and Earth
Beginning and the End, Alpha and Omega that is His Name

He has ONLY One Son
Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth
King of the Universe
Conquerer of Death, Lion of Juda that is His Name

There is NO OTHER God
There is only ONE, TRUE, LIVING God
He holds Creation in His Hand
Every breath we take is through Him

The silly things the enemy
Wants you to believe
They sound so cosy and warm
Very comfortable on the heart and ear

Still the truth remains
He was, He is, He is to come
There is NO ONE like Him
He is the Beginning, He is the End

The Source of ALL we are
The Breath of ALL we see
The Image in ALL AROUND
Through Him we for sure do live

From all roads lead to Rome
To I will get myself out of this
From the Bible is a feel-good-fable
To let me fix myself first

Dear child hear the truth
You will never be able to fix yourself
I am Life, that is why you need Me
Put your trust in Me, I will lead the way

Why is it so hard for you to believe
That I am the Way
I am Life

Everything you seek in life
Are found in Me
NOTHING else can give you
What you truly need, BUT ME

Take Me at My Word
Believe in Me
I will teach you

The Way to where Light reigns
The Place where Joy is full and without pretend
A place where you will NEVER AGAIN search
The Place where you will forever be SURE

Let go of the clever lies you believe
My truth is so easy and open
Even a child are able to receive
The simplest are able to comprehend

My Word is life
My Word is truth
Don’t wonder, don’t stray
Please believe My every Word

You’ll never have full victory
Full authority
If you continue on the outskirts
The truth and fullness of all I am is found IN Me

Do not stay on the outside
Do not continue to look and watch with a sceptical eye
If you are tired, if you are laid down
Please dear child just turn to Me

It is so terrible to see you
Running and putting your trust
In the answers of the world
Without Me being able to change your free will

What you choose you get dear child
What you choose, you get
How can I open your eyes?
How can I make you see?

I am everything you so need
Why is it so difficult to turn to Me?
Why do you keep on believing you know all there is to know?
Your lack to surrender is costing you so much

Please listen to my Voice of Life
Do not ignore that still, small voice
Trying to direct you to life
The true you is so special, how the true you needs to live

That life is in Me dear child
Without ALL the bondage
Keeping you encaged
Dear child please open your eyes.