The enemy’s wool

Being in bondage
While believing you are free
How scary to see
People can be made so blind

I want to do my own thing
I will have my way
Let me discover life
I will learn my way

Trapped in lies of selfish needs
The enemy has truly pulled the wool over your eyes
You are unable to comprehend
He has you, yes, with your back against the wall

He is reigning on the throne of your life
Helping you to stay on the road of deceit
When will you realise?
When will you see?

Your life carries no purpose
Doing what you’re currently doing
Laying on your coach
Feeding the flesh

You are satisfied with sooo little
Do you truly call that life?
You for sure have not heard
I came for you to have LIFE

Abundant joy
Abundant peace
Without ever needing
To pick up a joint

Dear child that is what I came to give
If you are experiencing anything less than this
You have not chosen Me with your whole heart yet
You are still on the outside, deceived by the enemy’s lies.