Working at it

Dear child it is always a journey
It always takes time
It doesn’t happen overnight
To get you from here to where you could be

Nothing happens overnight, never
It takes time
Being molded
Into the image of My Son

It is a process
A never-ending one indeed
The journey will continue
Until the day I return

Make me, mold me
Use me
For Your glory
For Your honor

Although it may not be easy
This road is not possible
Without You
Being here, with me

Guiding my footsteps
Keeping me strong
Dear Lord I do commit
You can have my hand until the very end

I will not let go
No matter the pressures
No matter the pain
I will continue on

Knowing that You’re working on
My completeness
My fullness
The best me I can possibly be

In You
All for You
Jesus my Rock
My Fortress, my Strong Deliverer