An Untold Mystery

Lord Abba how can Your love
For this world be so great?
I do not understand
How can it be possible?

I can’t grasp it?
I cannot wrap my mind around it
Teach me Lord
Teach me Lord about the love You have for mankind

Dearest child I am LOVE
Love in its PUREST FORM
Not self-seeking or selfish

My love wants the best
For every human being
Not the sly, living-in-the-dark and calling-it-life
Way of doing things

Life in its richest, purest
Most-capable-of-enjoyment form
This is WHO I AM

If this world could truly understand
The love I have for them
They surely would be blown away
It is above human comprehend

Look at the CROSS Father says
How easy would it be for you
Yes to give your son?
Can you even try to understand?

That is MY LOVE for you says the Lord
A love incapable of giving up
A love willing to give it My all
Yes until the very end

I keep on, yes keep on reaching
Calling to a broken, fallen world
Please dear children return to Your Father
Return to Me

There is NO condemnation
In the love I have for you
I am the Beginning
Yes and the end, of ALL

Dearest child please put Your trust in Me
Let Me show you a better way of living
A way of life where you will forever be ‘in’
Yes a part of the GREAT END

I’ll show you the Way
If only you would say yes
Invite Me in
Please let Me show you where.