A heart of Compassion

The compassion and mercy
You have for broken, lost people
Heavenly Father
Is just truly beyond any compare

You care so much for people
How You long to heal their hearts
Every tear they shed
You cry with them

You encircle them with love
Blessing them from above
You confirm their calling
For them to know that they indeed have purpose

You love them so much!
No earthly man can ever understand
Lost, Broken People
You carry them with Your love

In Your arms there is safety
In Your arms we forever want to stay
In Your arms there is compassion
In Your arms there is NO condemnation

You came not to condemn the world
You came to save the world
A world in dire need
A world in desperate need

A world needing love
A world needing peace
A world lost without You
A world lost if You are not there

We run to You Lord
We hide ourselves in You
We choose compassion
We choose love