Stormy Seas

Hope is my Anchor
The Stronghold of all I am
Without you Abba
I am lost in the waves of life

Without You holding me
I am drifting
Shoved from side to side
In the waters they call life

Without You my life has no meaning
You give direction
When all I see is gray
You steer the wheel securely

I will keep my trust in You
I will not get out of the boat
I will not find my own way
For You are my Lighthouse

You guide the way
Your heart I will trust
I will continue on
In You I am safe

You are my Anchor of Hope
When the seas get rough
When hopeless buckets of lies enter my life
I will fix my eyes on You burning with Love

You are so precious
How can any mere being exist without You
Thank you Jesus for Who You are
More costly than words can ever describe

I lift You up
I worship You
Be glorified
Be lifted up in all I say and do