A Seed of Hate

It is way better to love rather than hate
Sometimes love gets complicated
Sometimes love is tough
Still it is much better choosing love over hate

Hate sows a seed of anger deep within the heart of a man
Once it grows it becomes a tree of death
Bearing only fruits of destruction
No life or hope is found in its roots

Their actions speak of hatred so dark
Their past full of hurt towards people they were meant to love
Their future filled with regret should they carry on
If they could see, if they could understand

Hatred kills you
Hatred steals true joy
Hatred is a cage
With YOU trapped inside

Choose life
Choose to forgive
One choice could be the change
Your life so needs

If you choose to continue
With this road of unforgiveness
The end will be as ugly as the journey
The cloud of bitterness for sure has no silver lining

Choose life
Choose forgiveness
Choose to do what Jesus did
Choose love

Bitterness only eats you from the inside
Like blood-sucking killer insects
It will eat your joy
Draining ALL life

Making you believe that you’re still standing strong
Meanwhile on the inside there is nothing left
But a big, black hole

What an ugly surprise
To realise one day
How much was stolen
How much was given in vain

Think wise dear friend
Bitterness has such a nasty end
It kills you from the inside out

Ask yourself, consider this
Is it worth it?
Remember your very life is at stake

Choose wise dear friend
Please choose to forgive
Choose to let go
Choose to not let the anger and emotions lead the way anymore

Choose to do My Word
Choose to not let it only be words
Choose life, choose abundance
Choose all that I so want to give

I love you so much dear child
Nothing that you did is too bad, too dark, too irreversible
With Me all can change for the good
With Me your future could truly be bright

Dear child please choose to surrender your heart
Your plans please submit them to My will
It is so hard to accomplish anything
With you constantly hardening your heart

I’ve tried so many times
Reaching you with My Word
Still you choose to close the door of your heart
Still you choose to deny Me the place in your heart

My child I long to give you what I know you need
You do not even realise, you are missing out on so much
I am the Source of all you need
With Me life will freely flow from inside

Choose life dear child
Choose life
Choose to surrender the crown of hate
Forgiveness wins in every way.