Words of life

Tears streaming down her face
She’s lost all hope
Is there ever one who truly cares?
Surely there is no reason to continue on

A heart broken in despair
She has been forced so many times
To do what she never wanted
Could she possibly carry on?

How do you give hope
To someone who has lost all hers?
How do you share love
When the only love she knew was hate?

Small steps of compassion
Inches of love
Slow, tender mercy
Being there is what she needs

Her trust in humankind is shattered
Her heart is in pieces
How could anyone ever do this?
How could life on earth be so cruel?

A broken, fallen world He says
Children, people not willing to listen to My voice of life
Children loving evil
Children thriving only for themselves

Walk the road with her
Show her there is another side to life
Live true love
Let her know that I am there

In you she will see Me
In time she will hopefully trust Me
Very slowly she will heal
My love is her only hope you see