My dear child

I love you so very much
No one on earth can ever love you the same
My love for you is not selfish
It is not self-seeking

I love you for who you are
I see the diamond in you
I see the potential
I see the dreams in your heart, I’ve put them there

I love your smile, how it lits your face
How it lits My heart
I see your hands, so finely working
So carefully touching people’s hearts

Thank you for loving Me
Thank you for caring
Thank you for trusting Me

I know of every hidden desire in your heart
I know your hopes
I know your fears
Just continue to trust Me dear child

What I’ve started in you I will complete
The words spoken over your life will not return void
Do not let go of My hand
Every plan, every purpose will be established

Do not give up
Continue trusting Me
Continue keeping your eyes fixed on Me
Do not let go

Every plan
Every purpose
Will be established
In the beautiful precious name of Jesus