A heart of Forgiveness

The enemy so wants you to believe
You are the worst this world has ever seen
You cannot even forgive yourself
How will anyone else ever be able to do the same

Dear child I am not like all the others
I am God you know
My heart is Forgiveness

Even though you can’t bare to look yourself in the eye
Still I am here next to your side
The tears dripping down your face
How they touch My heart

It is just terrible seeing you in such despair
Such pain, such hopelessness
Dear child I am Life
I am Hope, with Me there is always HOPE

If only you will come
I am able to turn everything around
Your past does not have to determine your fate
You can be and have what I came to give

There is no reason for you to stay broken
There is no need for you to keep on searching
There is no way that you will ever be able
To stand against the attacks of the enemy on your own

Choose Me, choose life
I will protect you
I will show you the way
The way to Life, the way of Life

The journey may not be easy
Getting out of his clasps never is
Still the victory will be yours
My Son came to break every chain of the enemy’s

My Son will show you the way
He is the Truth
He is the Way
He is LIFE

Choose life, choose Him
I cannot bear to see you like this
So broken, so raw inside
Dear child please allow Me to touch your heart

With My love
My forgiveness
My way of life
That way you will be healed, that is guaranteed



The throne of my heart

You are so beautiful
You are so precious
A love song my heart wants to sing
Yes to the King of kings

Magnificent in glory
None can ever compare with You
You own the throne of my heart
Please forever stay there

In Your strength
I can stand strong
In Your strength
I can continue to go on

All glory to Jesus
The Son of Jahwe Father-God
Forever You reign
On the throne of our hearts


Fruits of the heart

Look at your heart
Take a deep peek inside
We need to examine
Which fruits are grown there

Selfishness and pride
Rebellion or strife
Jealousy and gossip
Lies or self-boasting

These are not from Me
Please do not be proud of them
They are the very opposite of what I came to give
With My help you can trade them in

Honesty and pureness
Kindness or peace
Compassion and love
Truth or wisdom

These are all found in Me
True knowledge start and end with Me
Dear child the heart is the key to your life
The fruits found in there will direct your path

Be careful what you allow
What abounds in your heart will flow from your life
Your fruits will testify of your King
It is not something you would be able to hide.