A true masterpiece

My power is beyond compare
No one can stand before Me
Almighty, all-powerful, all-wise you see

I made the stars
I made the roaring sea
I made every living creature
I made a true masterpiece and called it You

You are the crown of My creation
You can truly just be yourself
No need to pretend
No need to run from Me

When My glory-light comes in
As you give your heart to Me
Transformation does take place
From the old you to the new you

My Spirit will change you
More beautiful
More radiant
You could never be

Amazing victory when you give your heart to Me
I come in and change all you see
There is truly no better
This conquers all for Me

How you win when you trust in Me
How the stars, seas and living creatures rejoice with Me
With Me you will truly be the best you could ever be!