Creator of all

I find myself asking
Why are there so many truths today Lord?
So many pathways, so many avenues
None include You

People want to be their own gods
No need to submit
No need to surrender
No need to listen to other opinions ever again

They carry all the truth
They have the power
They will have the authority
They will decide how, why and where

They never stop to realise that I made them
How can a creation ever be more than its Creator
How silly is that?
I’m all-powerful not you

The plans that you have for your life
Can and will never be more beautiful
Than the ones I have for you
I am the Creator of all

You did not make yourself
You are not the result of a cosmic explosion
Nor did humankind start as something else
And evolve into you

That is so silly
Dear child please take a look at the cosmic world
How big, how wide, how vast
How huge!

I created it
Every star shines for My glory
The sun rises and sets daily reflecting My love for you
All creation testifies of My Greatness

How can you miss it?
My child listen to Me
I am God and without Me there is none.