Veiled child

Dearest loveliest child
Daddy wants you to know
I love you
And I have a good plan for your life

Many children through the ages
Daddy says
Never came to find
What I have been singing over them

o Yes children, yes
For generations
Daddy says
I have been sharing this invitation with the world

Come find the plan
Come find the purpose
You have been created for
Daddy says

Many few people
Father says
Throughout the ages
Have actually done this

So few Daddy says
So few
Have come to find
The dream I have dreamt for their life

Yes says Daddy-God
Many have missed the mark
Many have had their destinies
Stolen by the enemy

o Children come
This is what I always say
Why so few people believe
I never know

You never know more than Me
Please stop telling yourself that
Please stop believing it

You so wish you had all the answers
Daddy says
I know, I can see
Just so you and this world have no need for Me

Children have you not heard this said yet
Life with Me
Is so much better
Than life without Me

Yes says Daddy-God
So often you find it difficult to contemplate
But still it is so true

It’s because Daddy says
With Me the impossible
Becomes possible
That’s just what I do

I have so much bigger and better plans for your life
Than you can ever dream of Daddy says
Yes My child
Bigger, better

o Come child
Come and come see
What you have been missing out on
There is always more of the impossibilities-made-possible with Me

o Come child
Come see what you have been missing out on your whole life
Just because you didn’t ask

No better thing is and can there ever be
Daddy says
Than those willing to wait on Me
Asking for My plans with their lives

Children I know
Sometimes life is not easy
Sometimes it’s so difficult
But still I can make the most difficult life beautiful if only you would give Me a chance

Yes My child
I would ask
That you do not forsake Me
And that you would keep on holding My hand

Life is not easy
I know
Life’s a b*?@!
This you often say

Still child I tell you
There is hope
If only
You would turn to Me

Yes says Daddy-God
Don’t ever give up child
On Me and the life
I have prepared for you

You can do it My child
You can do it son,
Daughter of the world
You can come live the life I dreamt for you

Child come, come
Please don’t say no
I love you so much more
Than the sands on the seashores of life

I love you, love you, love you
This is what the waves on planet earth is constantly saying
Dearest child
When last did you see how many was around?

Don’t ever make My love cheap
Please children
Don’t ever play down on it
Have you forgotten the price that was paid for you to have it again?

Please child, please
Stop making the cross of Calvary
A mockery
One with which you tease around

You have no idea
Child of God, child of the world
Just how expensive that price was
It cost Me all I got

Yes says Daddy please
Don’t do it anymore
I love you too much child
And you are way too lost

Yes to be saying these things
You must be blind
Totally made blind and veiled by lies
Come dearest child please

Don’t believe more lies
Just come as you are
Believe what I say
The veil will then fall from your eyes

An open heart Daddy says
A heart willing to say
I made a mistake
This is all I ask

o The beauty that will
Infiltrate a heart such as this
A heart willing to bow and say I was wrong
o Child you have no idea

Come child, come
Please run
Run into My arms
The arms of the best loving Dad you and anyone in this world could ever find


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