Loads of life

Waiting on God
Such a beautiful thing
I wish more people would come
Try it Daddy says

o Yes children
So many things says Daddy
Will become very light
When brought into My presence

Yes says Daddy-God
It’s many times
That you carry such heavy loads
Loads never intended for you to carry alone

o Come dearest children
Will you please come
Will you come see
I’m waiting on you

I always care
Daddy says
To make the loads of life
Lighter for you dearest children

o Yes says Daddy you come
Often to complain
Never to ask Me
How to lighten the load

o Come dearest
People of the world
Please come and see
How much I care about the burdens you daily carry

Yes dearest children
This is something I want you to know
Bring your burdens to the Cross
Let Me help you carry them

o Children
I wish you’d see
I wish you’d believe
I know all about them

I know how to carry
The heaviest burden
Daddy says
Just look at My Son and all He had to bear

Please children
Don’t ever allow yourself
To ask
Daddy do you care about me

Daddy says
I love you children of My heart
And there is nothing more that I like
Than to help you

Yes says Papa-God
Child come
Come believe
Come have faith

I care so much about you children
So so much
I never want you to feel alone
When I am right here

o Daddy-God says
Come little children of My heart
Those inside, those not yet
Come closer to Me

I always care
Says Daddy-God
To lighten your load
Always says Daddy, always

Please stop listening
To Satan’s lies
Especially those telling you
I don’t care a damn

O Children
How can it be
Father says
When I care so much about you

You allow the enemy
Too much foothold in your minds
Daddy says
Please do not do that anymore

o Come child
Please come see
I’m waiting for you


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