Discover true intimacy

Glory Halleluja
The angels sing
Before our Abba’s throne

I’m so glad
So happy
I got a chance to say yes
To this most beautiful purest love

Dearest Daddy-God
I wanna join the angels’ song
I wanna be a part of heaven’s choir
Singing praises to Your Name

No more beautiful person
There could ever be
Than Yours truly
Our Daddy up in heaven

Yes Daddy-God
You are the most beautiful
The One our hearts adore
The One we long for

Daddy thank you so much
That You had a plan
Thank you for sending Your Only Son
So we could once again be free

Daddy it’s a song of
Freedom, love and adoration
My heart now sings
Thank you Jesus that You came

You became the reason for my living
Long enough ago
And now I can not fathom
Life without You here with me

It’s the best decision
I have ever made
Never will I regret it
Never will I say this is not for me

For Daddy You have shown me
Multiple times already
You are to be trusted
You are faithful in each regard

o I’m so happy
This I could find
I’m so happy
I got to say yes

Thank you Daddy-God
Our Abba
For never stopping to pursue
Your lost children’s hearts

Aaahh Daddy
Where would we be without You
Lost and drifting
Falling apart

It’s You Jesus
Who continue to bring hope
To this dark and broken world
You the Light shining in the darkest night

You gave us all a reason
To continue
You gave us all a reason
To truly live

Yes life without You
Is no life Daddy
No this I have found
You are the air that we breathe

Yes many people on planet earth
Have not yet found this to be true
How can it be
Can they not see?

o Dearest friends
I remember the days so well
When Jesus did not yet have a place of honor inside my heart
Days where I was also blind

Blind or blindfolded
I cannot say
All I can say is this
Satan finds great pleasure in us not yet knowing the truth

That is why
Abba-God’s child says
I would encourage you friend to seek
To seek and not stop until you find our beautiful-God

Yes says Abba-God
I am truly beautiful
This I would want you to know and remember
As you find your way back to Me

Don’t ever stop
Our Daddy says
To pursue the heart of your King
The One you say you love

o Child
Come and come see
I’m waiting for each of you
To truly find

I’m more beautiful
Than people can ever imagine
This is so true
Although many people they do not think so

o Come children
Come see
Come find

I find Myself often
Telling you this
Often extending this invitation
To your hearts

Tell Me dearest children
Tell Me
Do you still notice?
Do you still care?

I love, love, love you
So so much
Our Daddy says
So so much

I care and would want
For you to find
Come child, come find
Please come find

I would love to extend
This offer to many more people
All are welcome
All the world

o Yes children
Those who have found
Those yet to find

Just listen to My heart
Do you hear the rhythmic beats?
Come find

There is always-always more
And that is dearest child
How intimacy are build
Intimacy between your hearts and Mine

Yes says Daddy-God
That is always the aim
For Me to know your heart
And for you to know Mine

Dearest children
It’s extremely important
For you to realise
This is how things work between a bride and bridegroom

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
You people of the world
Have allowed Satan to make sex
Not more than a cheap commodity

o Yes says Daddy-God
You love it so much
You love to trample on people’s hearts and bodies
And call it intimacy

Let Me tell you
Dearest children of the world
You have not the slightest clue
When I say build intimacy with the one you love

Yes says Daddy-God
You call it love
But still you have no inclination
Of what it truly is

You love people you say
You care for them
How come then child are you always so eager
To only get what you want out of an earthly relationship?

I’m not even sure
Daddy-God says
That we can call it relationships
Maybe one-night stands, millions of them

o Daddy-God says
How it breaks My heart
To look at this world and to see
How cheap the label of ‘intimacy’ has become

o Children that is why when I say
Come children, come
Build intimacy with your Father’s heart
You have no idea what I mean

o Little children of this world
Broken and lost you are for sure
My love for you dearest children
It is much more than only a one-night stand

Yes says Daddy-God, yes
This is what intimacy and love
Has become for many of My children
Still lost in this world

o Yes their hearts search for more
Yes they know deep-down
There must be more
Still children you do not seem to know how to get there

You daily choose Daddy says
To listen to the advice
This world gives
Why not give Mine a chance?

o Children Daddy says
You are lost
Lost and broken
Men and women all alike

I would love for My children to understand
To start to understand
Covenant relationship
Between man, woman and God

o Dearest children
I would want for you to understand
There is something so beautiful in a relationship
If and when it is our three

Yes says Daddy-God
Children you miss it often, so so often
Love-making between man and woman have become so cheap
Because of the wrong way it is done

How many of you says Daddy-God
Still call it making love?
You have started to name it the ugliest things
I’m not even sure how love can be mentioned in the same line

o Children, children of this world
My heart aches
Our Daddy says

Because you dear world
Have absolutely no idea
What covenant relationship
Is about these days

Yes says Daddy, yes
You have no idea what true intimacy is
No idea because you do not communicate
You just do the deed and then it is done

o Dearest children
I wish for you to find
I wish for you to see
There is so much more to intimacy than what meets the eye

Yes says our Daddy-God it’s becoming one

When and how did you start to miss this
Children you just always focus on the outside
You just always focus on
What can be seen on the outside

When last Daddy asks
Did you look your wife or husband
In the eye and say
Honey we need to talk

Yes says Daddy-God
I have made you so much more than ‘animals’
Seeking one thing
When they’re seeking to mate

o Children Daddy wants to know
When did love
When did intimacy
Become only sex?

o Dearest children
One would say that is all there is to life
If you go on
What this world daily proclaims

Yes says Daddy-God
Yes I know
It is a truly beautiful thing
I’ve made it right

I would want you to know though
The enemy has installed a wrong mindset
Into the people of this world’s minds
About what relationship is

Relationship was never meant to be
Between more than one woman and one man
At a time
And this is when they are married

Yes says Daddy-God
I know
You always prefer to not hear this
But it is truth

Yes children, yes
One man and one woman
Not between two men
Not between two ladies

Yes says Daddy-God
Yes My children
I know, I understand
Many of you say and believe that is how I made you

Dearest children
Daddy would want you to know
Those who believe this
It is not true

I would not make someone perfect
And have them ask questions
About how they were made
Their whole life through

Yes says Daddy-God
Yes My children
If and when I make something perfect
There would be no need to ask questions afterward

I don’t make mistakes
I don’t
I want you to know this

Yes says Daddy-God
I can open up and reveal the truth
I can show you where, what and how it was done
But you would need to come

The covenant-relationship
Between man and woman
Is truly beautiful Daddy says
Just look at all the godly marriages around

Yes says Daddy-God
This is My heart for relationship
This is My heart for covenant

This is something the world barely understands
These days says Daddy-God
It’s because you have made it cheap
It’s because you have made it something almost to be detested

Says Daddy-God
So so cheap
So so wrong

o Children
I don’t know
Are there people out there
Who care to find true intimacy with the one they love?

Come closer to Me then
Yes says Daddy-God
To Me and My ways
Know I love you

No need to be scared
No need to run
I will show you the true beauty of love
I will show you the sacredness of marriage

Dearest children
Can I just ask
Don’t follow the world’s pattern of making love
Come find Mine and you will experience and see the purest and most beautiful way

Come children, come
I truly hope there is some of you
Who will admit and say
Yes the world’s way has left me high and dry

Yes children, yes
Just admit defeat
Just say Daddy-God
I believe Your ways are better than mine

People that trust Me
They always see
They always find
I never hold out on them

If I could only get people
Going after
And loving My way
I will show you something so much better

Just remember dearest children
I made love
I made marriage
I am the Creator thereof


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