No greater love
You will ever find
Than in the arms of Jesus
Those He stretched out and died with

Our dearest King
My heart long
Long to know more of the heart
Who chose to do such a thing

A heart that thought about
The sin and sinners in this world
A heart that said
I will come

o Dearest King
o Dearest King
Only the most beautiful heart ever
Could think of a plan such as this one

o Daddy-God
You came
You came to set us free
You came to give us perfect love

The love we found
Was once lost
When the enemy in the garden of Eden
Came to destroy

o Daddy
Our hearts are so thankful
So grateful
For all that You have done

You came
You came out of love
To set sinners free
Give them a new chance in life

Many lies
This broken world and its people
Have come up with
To tell about what You have done

Many wrong beliefs
Exist in this world today
Daddy they are so wrong
But who will they believe?

Daddy people these days
Are so eager to believe the lies
But You know all about them
Still You came to set us free

My heart for them today
Is still freedom
Daddy-God says
If they would only come

Many chains
Still bind the children of the world
They could be free
If only they’d come

Children come
Children of the world
Listen, listen please

I know what you need
Your earthly dads always say
Still child I tell you
They cannot provide what I do

From the inside out
Daddy-God says
I restore
I heal

Broken are you
Dearest world
Broken and lost
Without Me

I came to set you free
To give you a new chance in life
Why do so many of you keep on
Resisting the truth

o Dearest children
If you would come
You would find a freedom
Never thought of before

Dearest children
You need to believe
You need to start saying
I am the Truth

Before the foundations
Of earth
Daddy-God says
I was already there

I long for you
Dearest children
I long for you
Re-united we can be in My Son

Yes says Daddy-God
You were with Me
Before all went wrong

Yes says Daddy-God
My child
I need and want you to come find Me
You need to search to find Me

Pursue says Daddy
Please child
Come closer to this truth embracing your heart now

Dearest child listen
Says Daddy-God
Listen to the words I say
If you wish to find you can

You can child, you can
Please come closer
Please come see
Please come find home

Home is in Your arms
That is where we
Will be forever safe

Come child of
You that know Him
You that don’t

Please, please come find
Knock on the door of His heart
He will open and welcome you
With His warmest love


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