Is King of Kings a blessing to you?

Dear family,

Road of faith

King of Kings is a full-donor-supported ministry. In January 2013 Letitia stepped out in obedience to Father-God’s call and started to walk this road of faith with Him. The ministry was birthed in God’s heart and believe that God will keep on paving the way until the completion and fulfilment of His plans and calling for King of Kings.

Body of Christ

We believe that God holds in His heart big things that He wants to accomplish through this ministry but also that He is looking for people willing to go into partnership with Him to bring into full realisation the work that He wants to do through us. This is an appeal to you the body of Christ to labour with Daddy-God in what He wants to accomplish through King of Kings here on earth.

Jesus heals

A vision from heaven is growing in the heart of this ministry day by day and we are willing to work with Daddy-God in order for this vision to be established on planet earth. We believe that Father is calling us to heal hearts and lives by being the love of Jesus, to those who need it so much but also to those who do not believe in Him yet.

Love in action

Through the grace of God we also want to get practically involved in the pain of this world by literally being the hands and feet of Jesus wherever the Lord opens the doors. We believe that with God all things are possible and that with Him we can make a big difference in this world.

Source of provision

Letitia’s cost of living and also keeping the boat of this ministry afloat is a matter of utmost faith, a matter of which only the Lord knows the full scope. We trust our Heavenly Father for every cent that we receive. We also believe that with our Heavenly Father we never have to fear because His love for each of us is so perfect and He above all is our Source of Provision. We know and believe this at King of Kings.

Difficult roads teach beautiful lessons

The beginning years of this journey held unbelievable lessons. Lessons that was hard to learn, lessons that taught us who it is that we must really depend on. Lessons that was not easy but so necessary for the road ahead. These things we do not share with you to gain your sympathy or to brag. We had to learn the hard way God is faithful and turning back is no option, no matter how dark it seems.

God paves the way

Letitia knows what God has called her for, she knows that she is in the centre of Abba’s will and that He will definitely keep on making a way just as He has done in the past. We do believe however that He is creating this opportunity and asking you to become a part of the work that He is going to do through King of Kings.

God’s kingdom

We are not a special ministry, we have been called just as many of our earthly brothers and sisters to establish God’s Kingdom here on earth. No better than anyone but still with the ability to spread the Light of God here on earth. We regularly pray for vision and know that Father will show us every step, just as He has been doing until now.

Take hands

We invite you brother and sister in faith to get involved in what Father-God wants to and will do through us. Will you join us and give what Father is now laying upon your heart. Whether it be finances, prayer or love. We appreciate all, every bit of care, every seed that you sow into God’s Kingdom.

Thank you so much

Thank you that we can make this call. Thank you that we can be obedient. Thank you that your obedience also blesses us and equips us to do what our Heavenly Father is asking of us. We bless you in Jesus Name, so richly. May our Abba’s favor rain upon your lives, those who have given, those who give and those who also trust for heavenly rain. Love dear family, thank you for being able to share what lies in our hearts. A letter from Daddy-God just to ask will you become a part. We believe Father is going ahead of this letter.

Daddy speaks

He whispers … He will do the work in human hearts. This is what we trust Him for. This is what we believe.

Heavenly hope

Love, love, love … may we together see how God’s Kingdom infiltrate this world and daily give more and more hope. This is our mission here at King of Kings. That is what we are called for, to clothe this world with the hope of Jesus Christ. Amen.

As Abba leads

If you would like to get involved in any way please contact us. Monthly contributions are very welcome. Yearly contributions. Just as Abba leads. Thank you in Christ for your time dear family. Amen.

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Anonymous contributions

Account name : King of Kings
Bank : Capitec
Account number : 1507489399
Branch code : 470010

Daddy embraces you with His shalom, Amen.

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