Message of forgiveness

o Come broken children of this world
Come to Me
Once I was lost but now I am found
This is the song I would want you to sing

Yes dearest child
Please come find
I don’t want you to stay lost child
I want you and every broken soul in this world to truly find Me

Long enough Daddy says
Dearest world
You have heard these words
But you never come, why is this?

Dearest child I want you to know
And this is no idle threat
I want you to know
Grace is a time set to expire

Yes My children
And children of this world
A date has been set for
Grace to expire

I wish I could postpone it indefinitely
Daddy says
But then Me and My children will never be together
And that cannot be

Yes says Daddy-God
A time and date has been set
And child after that time
There will be no more grace, there will be no more time

Yes says Daddy-God
I wish I could take all of you with to My heavenly home
But unfortunately I’ve given you
The opportunity to self-decide so you would not ever need to say

God didn’t give me a chance to self-decide
Yes dearest children
Daddy is aware of this being a big decision
Yes it can be a costly one

One that could make you lose your life
Or gain it back in Eternal Life
Yes Daddy says
I know it could cost millions of you your lives

But how else could I do it
Without you all
Losing your lives for eternity

Yes says Daddy-God
That was the only two options I had
I could lose you all to hell
After the fall in the garden of Eden

Or I could buy you back
With My very own life
And let you decide
If you would want to come back to Me and Eternal Life

Yes says Daddy-God
Many people still have this wrong, to this day
I don’t know how it can be
They believe so wrong

o Children of the world, dearest ones
Please can you see
I did not come to give you a choice between heaven and hell
I came to give you a choice between Me and eternal hell

Yes says Daddy-God
I am the Lifeline child
You don’t go to hell because you didn’t choose Me
You go to hell because you sinned in the Garden of Eden

Yes says Daddy
This is what I would want you to find
For too long Daddy says you have been blaming Me
When in actual fact you should be thanking Me

Yes says Daddy without Me child
There would actually be no-no way for you to ever find LIFE again
You denied Me in the Garden of Eden dearest children
I did not deny you

Yes children, yes
This is what I would want you to see
Don’t be afraid dearest children
Please don’t be afraid

If I didn’t choose to forgive you
I would never have sent My Son
I forgave you that is why I sent Him, Jesus My Son
To come and tell you yes I know you did wrong but I would give you another chance

Yes says Daddy
My Son was the second chance
I gave this world
After they fell in the Garden of Eden

Why do you never never see it from this perspective
Daddy says
o Children come
Please, please run into your Daddy’s arms

I love you children of the world
So so much
I so wish I could’ve called all of the people in this world My dearest-dearest children
Still I cannot because many-many still has not come

I’ve been calling this world
With the message of forgiveness for such a long time
Still Daddy says
Still, still, still so so many people refuse to come

It’s because you have it all wrong Daddy says
You have it all wrong
Daddy says you believe you’re doing Me a favor by coming
Whilst this is not the truth at all

You have been so so blinded children of this world
So so blinded
In your eyes the Lifeline has become detested
Something to be hated, something to be looked down on

o Children how can this be
Imagine Daddy says an ocean of waters
Daddy says an ocean wherefrom you can never escape
Unless you grap on to the lifeline being thrown to you

o Child how can you keep on saying no, how can you?
Child can you not see, this is the last chance you will ever get
There will never again be another chance, Jesus is the CHANCE
Please-please don’t let it slip you by

Open your eyes dearest world
Open your eyes
Dearest children as I have said there will be an expiry date
To the Day of Grace and it is coming soon

Yes says Daddy
I long for My bride
And she longs for Me
How can we ever stay apart?

No says Daddy
There is nothing worse than that
Two lovers being apart
With no hope to reunite

o No children of this world
This I cannot do, neither to Me or My bride
No says Daddy, no she deserves all My love and attention
She deserves to be with Me

Nothing says Daddy, nothing will ever separate us
Dearest children wait for Me please
Wait for Me, please
Just like a faithful bride

I am coming children
I am coming
I just need to make sure I can still save as many souls as possible
From the dangerous waters of Eternal Hell

o Children come, come please
Run, run into My arms of grace
Please stop shoving the door in My face
Can you not see Daddy says I’m not the one with the problem, you are

Open your eyes child
Please children of the world
See things for the way they truly are
Me and My beloved wanting to be one but you dearest friends keeping us apart

Don’t let it be too long Daddy
My bride often sings
Don’t let it be too long
We await your coming dearest one

We long for our dearest Bridegroom and King
To come on the clouds of glory
To come rescue us
To come set us free

o Children of the world, friend of this world
Would you please not decline this offer?
Will you run, will you say
Yes heavenly Dad I want to be a part of your earthly bride

o Come child, come
Please just repent on your knees
Admit you do need help
Ask Me to come live in you for My glory’s sake and to turn all around

Yes says Daddy-God
Yes this is what I can do
Please just put your hope, faith and trust in Me
Please come see, I am the only real God

No other god can save the way I save
No child with them you will never be safe
They are just idols thought up by Satan
To distract from the real and true God

Rather run to Me child
Invite Me in
Make Me king of your heart and o you shall see
The beauty and bliss to know Me intimately

I came for you child
I came for you to be free
Free from the sin
Free from the punishment you deserved

Free from Eternal Hell
So you and everyone else could again be with Me
Just as in the garden of Eden
Before you said yes to sleazy Satan, before he led you astray with lies

o Dearest child please stop believing his lies
Today, today
Say to him
This stops today

No more
No more
No more
My eyes are open I now see the truth

Just as in the opening verses of this poem
You can also now sing
I was lost but now I’m found
I once was blind but now I see


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