Living Sacrifice

Glory to the King
This is what my heart
Forever wants to sing

There is just none like Him
There is just none like Him
This is the song
Inside my heart

He is beautiful
He is beautiful beyond compare
This is the refrain
That keeps repeating

Who can ever give our hearts
The acceptance and joy
His love brings?
To know Him truly is Life

So many wonderful things
Have come into my life
The day I met Him
And truly made Him King

Forever is not enough
To sing His praises
His glory is truly

Our Father-God owns this world
It is truly His creation
It doesn’t really matter
What the world believes

He made us new people
He showed us the way
The everlasting way
To be with Him once again

Believe in My Son
Dearest world
Believe in the price
He paid for Your sin

Because We love you
That is why He came
To restore relationship
Between Me and this world

My only Son I offered
As a living sacrifice
He bled and died
A horrible death

Resurrected and alive
This is who He is today
Because after He died
He rose once again

He is the Only One
Who has ever conquered death
And through and with Him
We will also live eternally

Believe in Him dearest world
Believe in My Son
He is the only one
He is the true and real King

For evermore yes Amen.

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