Beyond glorious God

The knowledge of who my King is
It is truly just beautiful
Forever there will be
None like Him

He is the everlasting One
From everlasting to everlasting
His great glory
Shall never end

This whole wide world
He holds
In the palms of His two hands
Truly there is just none like Him

In my heart
I find a deep desire
And longing for my King
I long to know Him more

I long to know You more
Abba Father God
I long to know Your voice
Far above any others

I long to
Love and serve You
I long to worship You
The way You so deserves

Father-God may my heart and life
Always sing
Glory to the King
There is none like You

Beautiful in splendor
Truly glorious
The One who carries all worth

You are beauty
Without distinction
Glorious beyond
Any and all compare

Thank you Jesus, Father-God
For being so wonderful
For caring much more
Than we will ever know

Your ways of working
Are far above our own
That is why trusting Your way above ours
Must become the norm

Father we want to know You more
We long to discover
The depths of beauty and riches
Inside Your heart

We long for you Jesus
We long for You more than any earthly thing
More than what this world and planet
Can ever offer us

Father-God it is because
There will never ever be anyone like You
You alone are truly
Worthy of all love and praise

All the adoration and worship
This world can ever bring
You deserve
And so much more

Thank you
Dearest King Jesus
For being the lover of our hearts
The One we truly admire

Nothing or no one
We can ever place above You
For who will ever be
As much worthy?

There is none like You
None, none
This our hearts
Wants to forever sing

Thank you
Dearest King Jesus
You are beautiful
You are above any and all compare

Hallelujah to the greatest King
Who has and will forever live
What a glorious privilege to love
Know and obey this great King

Let the whole world sing
Let them bring their praises
Let them say He is the glorious King!
Beyond all others there is just none like Him


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