The real Me

For long enough
Dearest world
You have been deceived
To not know the real Me

It is time this all change
Father says
It is time this world
Truly know and realise I am King

There is none like Me
Father says
Not above this world
Nor beneath

Dearest children of this world
Please come and find
Please come and find
Peace of the heart

There is none like Me
The Father says
I am the One
In whose hands you are forever safe

My eyes are always
On the hearts and lives
Of My children
Father says

I truly care
Father says
To call the children of this world
My own again

I long for this world
To call Me King
To acknowledge that they have found
To acknowledge there is none like Me

Dearest child please
Come and find the real Me
Not only the lies
You have believed about Me

I am much greater
Father says
Than what this world perceives
I am the only one

Come and call yourself
My child
Father says
Come and find Me

I long to give you more
I truly do
If you would please just come
Start by saying yes

I am much greater
Than what this world believes
Much greater
This is what the Father says

I long for blessings
To be poured out on you
This is what the Father says
Many blessings from above

This is how My children knows Me
They know I truly care
They know I am always
Very close to them

Dearest world
Dearest children
Please come closer
Please come and find the real Me

Come and find
Come and see
What you have been missing
How I can change all things around

Dearest children of this world
Dearest child
Please believe
I sent My only Son

For you to come
For you to find
For you to believe
I am the only way back to life once again

There is no other way
But through Me the King says
Please come
Please come and trust the beauty of My heart

It’s never My heart to deceive
It’s this world’s heart
To lead people astray
I am not like her

Please believe Me
Dearest child
When I say
Trust Me

I have the purest heart
The King says
One in which you can always believe
There is truly not one like Me

Please put your faith
For salvation in My Son
The price He paid
Will forever be enough

Please trust Me
Please put your focus on Me
Please come and see
I reign eternally

You will never know any one like Me
There is none
I am the only one
The Eternal Reigning King


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