Find the Son

Come closer says the Lord
Come closer dear friend
Come and find Me
This is what the King says

For many years you have had in your heart
To find out more about who I am
Dearest child I invite you
Please come closer

Do not allow fear
Insecurity or unworthiness
To interfere any longer
You are good enough dear child

For many years
You have believed wrong about Me
Still the desire
To truly know Me remains

Dearest child
Come closer
Come see what you have been missing out on for so long
Please come and find Me

Let nothing stand in your way this time
Dearest child
You are good enough
Please come just as you are

It is truly time for you
To know Me better
Father says
The time has come

Incline your heart and ear
To hear Me
Dearest child come
Come and find the real Me

For a very long time
Dear child
I’ve had this desire
For you to know Me more

This is truly what I long for most
In the hearts of My children
Hearts willing to search for Me
Hearts coming just as they are

Please dearest children
Please dearest world
Do not allow yourselves to become so afraid
That you cannot see Me

I am in control of this world
My dearest children
Though at certain times
It is hard to believe

I have overcome
This world and her things
The King of kings says
Make your only focus Me

I will carry you
Through the tough times in life
The Father says
I will never let you go

Dearest children of this world
Please come and see
Please come and find
The goodness, grace and mercy inside My heart

I am the Gift from Father-God
I am the best thing
This world can ever receive
I am the Son of God

Believe in Me the Son says
Believe that I came
And paved the eternal way
Through the dead and blood of My Son

You have to believe in Him
The Father says
There is no way to come to Me
But through Him My Son

Come and believe in My Son
He conquered death
He died for this world’s sin
He carried the cross and lives forevermore

Dearest world please
Make sure to get to know
My Son
For there is truly none like Him

He is worthy to be loved
We are worthy to be praised
We are worthy to be adored
This is what the Father says

Long enough you have been standing
Looking from a distance
Dearest child, dearest world
It is time to truly come and find

Deny the works of the enemy
Deny the lies he always tells about Me
Deny everything that wants to take you away from Me
Please come and just find


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