Believe Me

Which side are you on
Father wants to know
Mine or hers
That is the Queen of this world

Dearest children
I want you to know
With her on your side
You will never be truly safe

It is because
She does not care one damn about you
Although she so wants you
To believe and take it as truth

Do not take the word of this world
Above Mine Father says
No dearest children
That is not the way to go

Please believe Me over her
She only comes to
Steal, kill and destroy
She only comes to deceive

If you could only see
If you could only hear
All the lies she tells this world
Daily to believe!

The shocking part is
Father says
They actually believe her
They believe she knows more

More than Me
More than what I am trying to teach them
I ask people every single day to choose life over death
Still people choose her way every day

It’s difficult for Me to understand
Says Abba
How you can call yourself a Christian
But not love all things from Me?

How can you choose darkness over Me
Father says
This is something
I can not understand

Freedom is My heart for you
Father says
Still people do not want to believe this
When I ask them to obey

Obedience to Me
Is a beautiful thing
Father says
Never be afraid to obey

When I ask you
To lay down something
It is only because I know
I will be giving you something better

Trust My heart
Dearest child
Please trust My
Beautiful heart of love for you

I know why I’m asking
Father says
And you may or may not
See or understand

But please will you still obey?
Will you show blind faith?
Will you believe I have better in store
Will you trust My heart?


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