Everlasting Hope

No one has
And no one will ever be able
To give what He gave
When He gave His one and only Son

Because He died
We have hope
Hope for today
Hope to forever be with Him

All because we chose
To trust His heart
All because we accepted
The offer for our salvation

Because He died
We can carry on
We can live as victors
Even in this very dark world

It is because we know
Death could not hold Him
Death could not keep Him
Forever down

See Yeshua Jesus
Conquered the grave
He rose again
He lives forevermore

What a glorious King
To call this King and His Kingdom
Our reward if only
We will put our trust in Him

All things He can make new
Instantly become a brand new man
If only we say yes
If only we put our trust in Him

No-one or nothing
Can ever give what He gave
That is why
We will fully trust Him

We’ll offer
Our hearts and lives
We’ll say
For You dearest King our everything

May our hearts and lives
Glorify our King
May He truly be satisfied
With what He sees

May our hearts be
Pure before His throne
May the offers of our hearts
Truly be acceptable

May we love Him more
Than we love anything
May He truly be
Our all and all

He deserves no less
For He gave us His everything
How can we do anything less
But live for Him

He gave us His all
He surrendered His will
He bought us with a price
He loves us until today

May we grow in love for Him
Every single day of our lives
Because dear friends
He is truly worthy

He deserves nothing less
Than our best
Our all
For the glory of our King

Let’s live our lives
Striving to be His hands and feet
Allowing His Holy Spirit
To always lead the way

His ways are glorious
Who He is truly beautiful
He deserves our all
He gave us His absolute best

Let’s remember this
When times get tough
When it’s hard to believe
And we cannot see a way

God is in control
He reigns eternally
He knows about each and everyone
He truly cares for us all

Let’s keep our eyes on Him
Make Him our only focus
With Him we will make it
With Him we will pull through

He gives us the strength
He fills our hearts with hope
A HOPE to always
Keep-on going

Who is the King
This is He
The Only One with whom we
And anyone will be forever free

Let’s keep our eyes on the heavens
Let’s keep on looking up
This is truly where our help comes from
The Lord who made the heavens and earth

What a glorious King
What a glorious day
He is the only one
With whom we will always be safe


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