God cares

Father says
I love people of this world
Way too much
To just leave them the way they are

I’ve called them
For freedom
I’ve made them
For peace

Dearest children
It’s time to come closer
It’s time to come
And to fully trust My beautiful heart

Come dearest children
Of this world
Come, come
Closer to Me

Come hand Me your burdens
Hand Me your cares
Do you know that I
Care about each and everyone

Dearest children
I love you so much
And I truly just want you
To live free

Free from everything
Trying to entangle you
Free from anything
Trying to once again gain a grip

Dearest children please
People of the world
Please trust Me
Please trust My heart

There is absolutely no-one like Me
On planet earth
Or anywhere else
No-one can do what only I can do

Dearest children of the world
I’m asking you
To have a little faith
I’m asking you to open your heart

Open your heart
To the fact
To the possibility
That I am real

What about this Father says
What about it
I love you too much Father says
To just give up and let you go

Dearest children
I can not do this Father says
I can not
It’s the hardest thing for Me to do

Children of the night
Those not yet believing Me
Come closer
Please come see how much I care

My only Son I gave
For us two to once again
Be re-established in relationship
To once again be ONE

Dearest children please
Please come see
I am real
And I care so much for thee


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