Seek and find
Father says
And you will find

Dearest children
This is how it works
Never stop pursuing the heart
Of the One you love

Abba Father says
I love you dearest world, children
And how I wish you would find
This is My truest desire

Dearest children, world
There is nothing better than this
Rising early each morning
Spending some time with Me

This is the best thing
You can possibly do
For yourself and all around
Seeking after time with Me

Dearest children
I know it’s not always easy
I know life gets busy
Still I ask make this the most important priority

Spending time with Me
Should never be an option
Dearest child
As it is the lifeline between you and Me

Never stop
Father says
Always keep on
Getting to know Me

Dearest child
It is because
Even without you knowing or realising
You are growing more strong in Spirit

And this is what I want for you
Dearest children
I want the connection between us to be strong
Always without faltering

Dearest children, world
Is this also your heart
Why is it that so many things
Always rank higher than Me?

Dearest children
Abba’s child
Please do not ever give up
On spending time with Me

Don’t ever give up on it My dearest child
It should be the biggest
Greatest priority in your life
Getting to know Me more and better each day

Don’t allow yourself
To fall back on this
My dearest child please
I know what you need even before you ask

Abba says dearest world
You can trust My beautiful heart
Always trust it
More and more

Dearest children
I’m so very close
This you must know
Always and it is real

Please don’t ever give up on Me
Abba Father says
Please always keep on
Pursuing Me

Dearest children
Come after My heart
And please
Do not ever let go

Don’t go back
Push ahead
Come find all the beautiful treasures
Hidden inside My heart

They are there
For you to come and find
Please dearest children
Will you come and find?

Please pursue My heart
Unending is My great love for you
This dear child you must know

Come after My heart
Come after My heart
Seek the treasures inside My heart
Seek after Me and not My gifts Father says

So many children of Mine
Seeking after My heart, Me
Only for their own benefit
This is not how it should be

Your motives should be clear
My dearest children
Dearest world
Your motives should be pure

Come after Me
Seek after Me
Because of Me
And not because of what you can get

I want this world – you – to know Me dearest child
Truly know
And this is not something that can happen
Without you loving Me

Dearest children, dearest world
Therefore please
Come and seek after Me
And not only the things I can give

It works the same with you
Abba says
How many people have you known
That only knows you because of what you can give?

It’s not nice hey dear children
Dearest world
People aiming to know you
Only because of the rewards you can give

Dearest children, world
I do not want or need you to be doing this
Please just pursue Me, pursue My heart

Abba says I love you
I truly love you
I want you to know this
I want you, dear child, to believe

I came for you to have
I came for you to be free
Please will you say yes to more of Me

More and more each day
Deeper I want you to go with Me
Please dearest children make Me and spending time with Me
Your most important priority

Not only today
Abba says
But all your days
This is what Father says

Pursue My heart
Pursue to truly get to know Me
And know dearest children
I am the Rewarder of those who seek Me diligently

Never stop doing this
Always keep on
Until the end
This will be your carry-through

Please dearest children
Never give up on Me
Do not ever make it an option
Me alone, are truly the Only One

This I want you to know
Always, all you days
Please dearest children
Never give up on Me

Alive in Spirit
This is what I want from you
Truly and really
You living for Me

And this is what happens
Dearest children
When you choose to fulfill
The desires of not-your-flesh

You’re choosing Me
Over this world
You’re choosing spirit-life
You’re choosing to grow strong

Do this always Abba says
Never stop
Never give up
Knowing I am always with you

Always keep on
Pursuing only Me
Please love Me
Much more than the things of the world

Knowing I am always near
Waiting for you
To come find the deepest parts of My heart
Thank you dearest child


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