Soar over burdens

Bring Me your burdens
Abba says
Please bring Me
All the heaviness inside your heart

Do you know Abba says
Have you heard
That I could lift your burdens
Throw them in the deepest sea

Dearest children
This is how much I care
I never, never want any of My children
To carry them alone

I always care
To make things better
I always care
To make things new

Children of life
This is who I am
Helping someone in need
This is who I always am

Children of the light
Children of the day
It should never be necessary
To carry your burdens alone

Dearest children please
Give Me a chance
Allow Me to carry
Your burdens for you

I can lift them from your hearts
I can lift your cares
I can put them
In the deepest sea

This is what I can do
This is what I want to do
For you
And for everyone

Dearest children please
Come to Me
Do not allow your problems
To steal one more minute of your joy

Hand it over to Me
Abba Father I cannot do this alone
I am trusting

Abba’s child
Father says it’s time
For you to fully trust Him
With all the burdens inside your heart

Do not carry them alone
Not even for a second
Give it all to Me
Hand all over

Children please
There is really-really
No need to keep on
Doing this

I want you free
Abba says
Free from all the shackles of the earth
Free to soar with Me

Children I care for
And I love thee
Please always remember this
In life’s daily journey

Children of the light
Children of the night
Please always know
There is hope for all

My blood is enough
My Word is enough
My Love is enough
It will carry you

Thank you dearest children
For loving Me
For caring to trust Me
For handing it all over to Me

Dearest children
It means so much to Me
When you decide to put your hands of faith
In trust in those of Mine

Dearest children
It really means so much
Thank you dearest children
Thank you so very much

Glory to the King,

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