Easier said than believed

Thank you Abba Father
For loving me
And that I need not do anything
To add to it

Father because
Your love is enough
Your love is more than enough
Thank you dearest Father-God

Thank you that Your love for us is eternal
Steadfast and so beautiful
Thank you that it is really not necessary
For us to do anything to deserve it

Since the beginning Your love has been saying
Dearest children you are good enough
You did not choose Me
But I chose you

Thank you dearest children
For being the answer
To My prayers
Thank you for being more than enough

Children I want you to know
The price has already been paid
You do not have to work for your sin
Or My love

Children My Son’s price
On the Cross of Calvary
It was perfect
It was more than good enough

Children you do not have to work
For My love
Or My acceptance
You already have it

Children I want to ask you
To really believe this
Jesus dying on the Cross
Did everything

Thank you dearest children
For believing in Me
And for really allowing Me
To live inside your hearts

Thank you Abba’s children
For listening
When I ask
It means so much to Me

Thank you Abba’s children
For also loving Me
And for realising
It’s all about love for Me and you

Children it is so important
For you to daily grow
In the perfection
Of My love for you

Children My love is enough
Father says
My love is more than enough
Thank you Abba’s children for believing this

Thank you Abba that Your love for us
Is so beautiful
Thank you for daily writing
More of Your love and truth inside my heart

Abba it means so much to us
Having You so close
And knowing
You will never forsake us

Abba this is our comfort
Our anchor
Your precious love
Your tremendous care for us all

Thank you dearest children
For wanting to grow
In the knowledge of Me
In the truth of who I am

Children it is so important
For you to know
Nothing that you do
Can ever make Me love you less or more

Dearest children, most precious children
You are more than good enough for Me
How can it not be
I made you

I wish and pray that you will
Realise this a bit more each day
That you will truly live
In this victory

Children you have already been accepted
Fully accepted
And nothing you can ever do
Can take anything away from it

Children it’s really time
That you My children
Take in this truth
And truly live it

Abba’s children please
It’s so important to know this
To know that you are more precious to Me
Than the most beautiful corals that can ever be found

Children believe it
Please believe it
If you battle with this, to truly know it
Ask Me to establish your heart deeper in this truth

Children please
The perfection of My love
For each of you is so beautiful
It is so complete

There is not one thing lacking
In My perfect love for you
Father says
It is truly perfect

Children of the darkness
Children of the light
Please come closer
Please open up your hearts and accept this love

Love not one person on planet earth
Has to work for dearest children
As I already did it all
On the cross of Calvary

Dearest children
My heart for each of you
Is to be, to become
To grow into My perfect love

Each day more and more
Abba says
Each and every day
A little more

Abba’s children
This is the beauty of My love
That it does not have to be worked for
But that you already own it

Children isn’t this beautiful
Doesn’t it give your hearts so much hope
Children just as you are
Just as you are you are more than good enough for Me

It is just the most beautiful thing ever
Says Abba Father
When people truly open their hearts
To accept this wonderful love of Mine

Dearest children please
Do it more often
Every day a bit more
Ask Me to place it deeper

Children I want to take you
To the perfection of My love
It’s so important for you
To daily grow in it

Dearest children please
Allow yourselves to open your hearts
Allow your hearts to open themselves
Really allow them

Children it is so important for you
To truly open your hearts before Me
To take out and share
What lies in the darkest depths

Dearest children, Abba’s children
Don’t ever be afraid to share with Me
I truly care
I really want to hear

Children, Abba’s children
It’s so important for you to truly know
You are already fully accepted
And I love you perfect

Nothing says Abba
Nothing but nothing
That you do
Can add anything to it

Children please
It’s time you truly hear
And make this truth your own

Make it yours
Please says Abba
To daily grow in love
And obedience to Me

Children this is what’s important
Your love and acceptance
Of also Me
Children please do as I ask

Please choose Me
Above the things of this world
Know that it’s always My heart
To give you more and better

Children, Abba’s children
It’s time you
Truly trusted Me
For this

Abba’s children
Thank you for loving Me
Much more
Than you love the world

Children I believe in you
I know you can do this
Together we will walk this road
Together we will finish this road

In Jesus Yeshua’s
Holy Name

You are good enough
Dearest children
You are more than good enough
Remember you already have My full heart

Nothing you do
Can add anything to it
Nothing you do
Can take away a thing from it

Please remember this dearest children
As you just daily grow
Into also loving Me


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