Journey of Love

Being rooted in Father’s love
It is something we say so easy
Still it is not always so
It can become a real journey

Learning to grow
In love and acceptance
Learning to trust Him
Learning to surrender all

Being rooted in Father’s love
How I wish it came easy
Still what I find
In the storms is when we truly learn

Learning to depend on Him
Learning to trust His heart
Sounds like an easy task
Still this is not always so

I sometimes wish
I trusted Him more
I sometimes wish I never forgot
One single promise when dark times comes

I so wish I was perfect
In Father’s love for me
I wish I never faltered
I wish I never had a moment of doubt

Father-God please will you
Help me on this journey
Of discovering Your perfect love for me
To never lose faith or hope

That each day will be
A day of new beginning
A day of new trust
A day of new hope and faith

Father-God I know You love me
This is what Your Word says
Still it seems to be something
I do not always believe or stand on

How to do this I often wonder?
To go through the storms
And to cleave more tightly
To the hand and heart of My King

Father-God thank you for never leaving me
For not ever forsaking me
For always being there
For Your beautiful presence

The more I surrender
The more I feel Your love
And Father this is not something
I can do without You

Father please help me
To trust Your heart
More and more
To never give up

I love you Abba Father God
I thank you for Your mercy
I thank you for Your grace
I thank you for being You

Father-God thank you
For being my strength
Thank you that I am able
To hide myself in You

You are my stronghold
My strong anchor
The One and Only One
That will not ever let go

Father-God I trust Your heart
I trust who You are
I want to be perfect in Your LOVE
I know the day will come

Thank you Abba
That I can trust Your heart
Thank you that You are truly beautiful
There is NONE like You

I can trust Your heart
I can fully surrender
You will carry me
You will not ever let go

Rooted in LOVE
Such a beautiful thing
To see, to witness, to be
Thank you Abba Father God for being LOVE

Yes, Amen.

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