Hidden Treasures

Who wants to give Me a chance?
Who wants to invite Me in?
This the Father
Wants to know

Dearest world
Can you not hear
I’m calling everyone
Please come near

Please come and find Me
Dearest world
Dearest children
Please come and see what I have prepared

I long for children
Willing to search for My heart
I long for children
Willing to search for more

Dearest children
There is so much more
Please come and find
All the deep treasures inside My heart

I long to show you
More dearest children
I long to give you

Dearest children will you come
Will you please come
Search for My heart
In all you say and do

I long to show My heart
I long to reveal more
Of who I am
If only you will ask!

Dearest children please
Will you start to ask Me
In your quiet time will you say
Lord please reveal more of who You are

Dearest children
There are so many truths
Hidden inside My heart
All truth is only found in Me

Dearest children
Will you please begin
To search for My heart
With all you have and are

I long for you
To find Me
I long to truly
Show you more

Make this your heart’s desire
Says Abba-God
To know Me more intimately
Each day

I long to reveal
The secrets of My heart
To those willing to ask
Dearest children please will you ask

Will you ask with a pure heart
Will you ask with clean motives
Dearest child
This way I can answer you

Dearest child
I long to give you more
Please will you ask?

So many things
I want to show you
So many things
I still want to reveal

I want to help you
Do things My way
I want to see
If you truly care

My dearest child
Will you come closer
Will you come seek after
All the things I still want to give

Those who sow
They will reap
Dearest child please invest time
In getting to know Me better

There is always more
The Father says
There is always more
That I want to give

My dearest children, world
Will you please begin
Asking for more
There is more

There is Kingdom ways
They are Mine
They’re not the same as the world
Please come after Mine

Dearest children
I long to show you more
I long to show you more
Of who I am

Will you start asking
Will you start today
If you have not made Me King of your heart
Please do that today

I can only change
I can only renew
What you are willing to give up
What you are willing to surrender to Me

Dearest child
Please will you allow Me to come in
Please will you ask Me
“Lord reveal Your heart”

Lord I want more
Of who You are
This should be your daily prayer
Dearest child please believe Me

We love you Lord
And we say thank you
For loving us so much
We say thank you that You truly care

Lord You fill our hearts
With so much love
So much peace
We are so content in knowing You

Lord please will You show us more
Will You give us more
Of all the truths inside Your heart
We truly long to know You more

We long for all of You
We long to have all
That You have prepared
We long for Your wisdom

We long for Your heart
Please show us more Abba King
Please show us what is important in Your heart
So that we can live lives fully devoted to You

Cut through the lies
And deceit in our hearts
Give us Your wisdom
Give us Your truth

We surrender our hearts
We surrender our lives
That we may fully love, adore
Belong to and know You

Hallelujah, Amen.

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