One Big Yes

Will you give Him
Your heart dear friend
Will you please
Invite Him in

He longs to call you
His child
He longs for you
To belong to Him

What He needs from you is one big yes
Saying yes Lord
I will love You
I will live for You

Dearest children
This is My heart’s desire
For people in this world
To get to know Me

I long for people
To return to Me
I long for people
To truly invite Me in

I need people
To live their lives for Me
Not for themselves
This is what the Father says

Dearest children
Will you give up your lives
So that you can truly
Find them in Me?

I need you to surrender your lives
Not only your hearts
I need you to live
Fully surrendered to Me

Lord let Your will be done
Not mine
Is this your daily prayer
Please will you begin to ask

Lord I love You
This must be the song
In the hearts of My children
Why is this not so

Many people claiming
To be My children
Many people saying
They belong to and love Me

Why is it that your lives
Not also profess this truth?
My dearest children

Please I long for your hearts
To honor Me
Just as your lives
I need you to truly love Me

Dearest children please
Will you please give up
All that separates from intimacy with Me

I long for your heart
To truly get to know Mine
I long to take you deeper
Deeper into the courts of who I am

Can I invite you
To come closer?
Can I invite you
To come deeper?

Deeper dearest children
This is My heart for you
I long to truly give you more

Please surrender your hearts
Please surrender your lives
Please FULLY to Me
I long to give you more, please will you just ask?

My heart I will reveal
To those willing to ask
More and more
This I will give you


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