Intimacy from the Heart

Come to Me all who are
Down-trodden, heavy-burdened
I want to make all things new
This is what the Father says

Dearest child
Will you please
Place your eyes on Me
Once more

I was never
Too far from you
My eyes have always
Been on you

Never have I forsaken you
Though many times
You thought so
Father says

I want this world and My children to know
I am never the One who forsakes you
It is always
The other way around

My dearest children
Dearest world
I truly long
To call you My own

I long for us to be one
In all you say and do
I wanna feel so welcome in your life
I want to know you want Me near

I need to know
You want Me just as much
As I want you
I need to know you love Me too

So many people
Professing to love Me
Professing to know Me
Professing to be My child

Although we never spend
Any time together
Although they do not have
A clue what is inside My heart

My dearest child
My heart longs for intimacy with My every child
A place where we can share our hearts
A place where we are truly one

Is this not also
Your truest heart’s desire
Is this not also
What you want?

Dearest child
Intimacy with Me
From the heart
Should be your top priority

Nothing should be able
To interfere
Nothing should be able
To come into your way

I know many things in life
Keeps you busy
Father says
I know you have many things to do

Still dearest children
Will you believe Me when I say
Me and you
We do need time together

You have to make time for Me
Father says
Even if it is
Only a few minutes a day

We need to stay connected
Father says
We need to be one
We cannot allow anything to come in-between

My dearest child
I know there are many things
Trying to interfere
I know many things are not from Me

Can I ask you to let go
Of all the things not from Me
Discern for yourselves Father says
What is from Me, what is not

Time with Me
Should be so precious
It should not become a chore
Something you should just do

I’m asking you
To make the time with Me
A true pleasure
A top priority

My dearest child
I long to share My heart
I long to invite you
Into the deepest parts of Me

Dearest child
Will you allow My love
To touch and heal
Your broken heart?

Many things
In your heart and life
They are not from Me
I only want to take them outside

Will you allow Me
To make things better
Will you allow Me
To heal your broken heart

Dearest children please invite Me
Into the broken parts of your heart and life
The ones you have not yet
Fully surrendered to Me

I’m talking about
Past hurts, past shames
Everything and all that has not yet
Been healed by My amazing grace

My dearest child
I long for us to be one
Fully united
Fully connected

I want to share My heart
The way you so often do
Will you dearest child
Also listen to Mine

Dearest child
Dearest child
So many things still hidden inside My heart
Please will you come search for them

I long for children
Saying regularly
Lord I want more of You
Please show Me more

Deep and Plenty
Are the Secrets
Mysteries and Treasures
Inside My heart

I long for children
Willing to suss them out
Search for them
Willing to find them

So many things
Still hidden inside My heart
Will you ask Me dearest child
To please show you more

Will you ask Me
To reveal My heart
Will you ask Me
To show you what is important to Me

Dearest child when last did you do this
Father asks
When last did you pray
Abba let Your will be done in my life

Dearest child
I long to show you more
I long to reveal
Who I fully are

Will you dearest children
Grow in love and adoration of Me
Will you dearest child
Allow Me to lead the way

Many things in life
Are not from Me
Things you have believed
Things you took as truth

My dearest children
I long to show you more
I long to show you
The truths inside My heart

My dearest children
Will you ask Me, will you say
Lord please take away
Everything in my life not from You

Lord please give me
Your unadulterated truth
Please show me Your way
Please let me walk Your way

Father-God thank you
For showing us more
Thank you for wanting
To give us more

Abba we want Your love and grace
Your truths
To become ours
To transform our lives

Abba we want more
More of You in our lives
More of You
In the way we do our lives

My dearest children
I long to show You more
I want to reveal so much more
Will you allow Me?

So much excitement
Living inside My heart
So much excitement
Dearest children I want to show you more

Dearest children
Please will you ask for more
Please will you say
Lord show me more of You

Show me
What’s inside Your heart
Show me
What is important to You

I long dearest children
I long to show you more
This is what
Our Father says

I can only give you
As much as you ask for
I can only give you
If you are willing to ask

My dearest children
The truth inside My heart
Is truly beautiful
Do you not want to know more?

From the depths of My heart
I’m calling out to children
Asking them
Come and know Me more

There is always more
The King of Kings says
Do not be satisfied
With what you know of Me

There is so much more!
Dearest child
I’m inviting you to become happy
I’m inviting you to know the full Me

Dearest children will you
Will you bow Your knees
To My love and truth
Dearest children please come and ask

I long for children, long for children
Willing to ask
Willing to ask
Lord please show Me more

Show Me more of You
Let everything that is
Important to You
Please become important to me

I want to grow Father
In all the things from You
I want to know You more
I want to know You the best I possibly can

My dearest children
I long for your permission
I long for your surrender
Please from your heart say Lord I want more of You

In doing that
I can come in
I can reveal more of who I am
I can show you more

Thank you My dearest children
For loving Me
For caring to hear from Me
o How I love you

I love you
With an everlasting love
The Father says
Nothing will ever be enough

Father-God says He loves you dearest world
He longs to call every person His child
If you have not done so
Please will you?

My dearest child please
Please invite Me into your heart
Please invite Me into the broken pieces of your life
Please allow Me to make something truly beautiful with it

I can the Father says
Do you know that
Do you know that nothing
But nothing is impossible for Me?

Do you know
That your future has the potential
To be so bright?
All because you said yes to Me?

This is all I need
Father says
All I need
To turn all things around for you

Father says
He loves you dearest child
He says He loves you
He will show you the way to go

Trust in Me with all things
Father says
Please trust Me
I will show you the way

No need to be scared dearest child
I am very close to you
I hold your hand
I am very near to you

Trust Me dearest child
Give Me your heart and life
Trust Me dearest child
Know this, I LOVE YOU

I have forgiven you
Nothing more can separate
If you have given your life
I will make you whole

This is My plan with all My children
Father says
To make you whole
To make you complete

Please do not ever give up
In the process
I’m making you strong
I’m making you strong in Me

I love you dearest child
And how I am with you
This you can trust My child
Me you can trust with your whole heart and life

Please do not be afraid
I am the only One who will never hurt you
I love you so much
This is what Father says

I’m inviting you dearest child
To come live inside My heart
To know I fully, fully care
And have compassion on you


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