His death Our freedom

Someone conquered death
For me, for you
Tell me dear friend
Do you know who this is?

His name is Jesus Christ
Son of the Living God
He died on a cross
So me and you could be eternally free

He hang on a cross
Died for you and me
So we could be with Him
Eternally free from sin

Our sin and wrong-do
Cost Him all He got
He came because He loved us
He came because He said yes to Father-God

Friend of Sinners
Will you invite Him in
This man gave His life
For me and you to reign as kings

He made us
To conquer this world with Him
He made us
To be free

Free from sin
And all the bondage
Free from all the lies
This world wants us to believe

Dearest world
Will you please turn to Me
Will you please allow Me to be Father-God
Will you please allow My Son to be the King living inside your heart

I came to free the souls of men
Their hearts
From all the sin
The deceit in their own hearts

Dearest children
Dearest world
My heart for you is freedom
Not all the sin and wrong-do that so abounds

My dearest King
Thank you for loving us
Thank you for giving Your only Son
Thank you Yeshua Jesus that You came

Without You
Without the price You paid
We would be forever lost
No chance to ever again be One with You

From the start
The Beginning of Life
You knew Your Son would have to come
To once again give us a new start

Thank you King Jesus
Dearest King
For being who You are
Thank you that You came

Please fill my heart
With songs of praise
More and more each day
For none are there like You

You fill my heart
With songs of love
Giving You eternal praise
For You alone are worthy dearest King

Thank you for filling my heart
With peace and joy
You alone are the reason
Dearest King

I give you all the love and praise
You are worthy
You are worthy
For all eternity

Glory to the King
Yes forevermore

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