True Wisdom

Give your hearts to Me
Dear world
Give them to Me

I know what I’m busy with
Father says
To bring you
Back to Me

Therefore go down on your knees
Turn from your wicked ways
And sin no more

Dearest children please
Please turn from anything
Not from Me
Please let it go

Please do not let it slide in
Please do not let it be comfortable
In your hearts and lives
Please do not allow it to rule over you

Please dearest children
I need My people
To love all things from Me
To not live unrighteous lives

Please dearest children
Please come and give all to Me
All your hopes, all your fears
Please lay them down at the Savior’s feet

My dearest children
I love you
And there is NOTHING
I cannot do

Keep your eyes on Me
Be strong and full of faith
Knowing I will finish it

If I have promised you something
It will be done
I will not let go

You are My dearest children
And how much I love you
Thank you dearest children
For also loving Me

Thank you for coming
Thank you for opening your hearts
Thank you for allowing Me in
I am extremely-very-much proud of you

You are victors in My eyes
In My Kingdom
You’ve chosen wise
Thank you for choosing right

Glory to the King
Forever and ever
Forever and ever

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