Come dearest world
Please will you open up
Please will you allow Me

I long to have
Supper with you
I long for you
To get to know Me better

Please will you
Stop closing your heart
Please will you allow Me
To fully come in

My dearest children, dearest world
I long for children to get to know Me better
I long for people
Willing to search after My heart

Many things are hidden
Father says
I will only open them up
To those willing to ask

Therefore dearest children
Please come
Please come and ask
For all the beauty and wisdom in My heart

You are so great
You are so good
You truly are incomparable

My dearest children please
Please will you come
And search after everything
Inside My heart

Ask Me for more
Says Father-God
Ask Me for more
Dearest children there is so much more

Dearest children
Please do not ever become complacent
Because of what you have
And what you know of Me

My dearest children
This desire must always be in your hearts
Father-God show me more
Please show me more of what You have and are

That way dearest children
I can come in
And I can come show you
More of what’s inside

Deep and dark
Lies the beauties inside My heart
The treasures in my heart
They’re waiting to be found

My dearest little children
I long to show you more
I long to show you more
Please will you ask

Never become complacent
Never be satisfied
With what I have given you
What I have shown

Dearest children
I want you to know
The treasures in My treasure-box are innumerable
They cannot be counted

My dearest children
There is always more
Therefore start asking
Father show me more

More of who You are
More of what You have
So that we can truly see, know and understand
How glorious and good Father is

Take away all that is not from You
Should be a daily prayer
That way I can come
And take away all not from Me

Keep your eyes on the cross
Father says
Please keep them on Me
I will give you a brand-new life

If this is what you long for
This is what I can do
I can make
ALL things brand-new

Thank you dearest children
For coming
Thank you dearest children
For giving Me your hearts

Thank you dearest Father
For all You have and are
Thank you Lord that we can just
Plainly be in LOVE with You

We trust Your heart
We trust who You are
You are the LOVE of our lives
And we truly just want to worship You

Glory to the King
We will forever sing
By Your grace and love
We will stand until the end


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