The King’s Bride

Keep your eyes open
Dear world
Please keep your eyes
Wide open

Know one thing
My coming is at hand
I will not be telling you for centuries and ages
That I am to return and not stick to My Word

Dearest, dearest children
Dearest world
Be wide awake
I am on My way!

Be watchful
Be awake
My coming
Is surely at hand

Only those who know Me
Only they will be coming with
Make sure it’s you dearest child
Please make sure it is not too late

No second chances
There will be
Now is the second chance
Please make sure you are going with

Dearest child
You cannot NOT KNOW
Where you will be in the afterlife
Now is the time to decide

Please decide to come to Me
Please decide to take up
The offer I gave
When I gave-up My only Son

Believe in Him
Father says
Believe in the price He paid
For your sin

That way you will be saved!
Dearest children, dearest world
Please make sure you are prepared
For the great coming of our Lord is surely at hand

Get yourself ready
For the marriage supper of the Lamb

He prepared Himself a bride
Adorned in jewels and everything beautiful
A bride that also serves
A bride that can fight

My dearest children
Dearest world
I’m calling each and everyone
To become a part of My bride

Nothing was too much
For her to give up
Nothing was too much
For her to endure

Through the trials of life
She stayed true
She committed herself
To become My pure bride

Therefore please look at her
This truly beautiful bride of Mine
See that see is waiting
See that she is prepared

This is what I also want from you
The King says
Commitment to stay true to Me
Until the end

Prepare yourself as My bride
Get ready dearest children
And know that I
Will always be with you

Until the end of time
All days
This is who I am
This is who I are

Blessings to you dear child
Please get to know Me
So that when I come
You will join Me in the skies

Prepare your hearts dearest children
Please make sure they are washed
In the blood of the Lamb
Please make sure they are white

My dearest children
I know your hearts
I know your ways
Please make sure they are Mine

Please dearest children
Please come and find
My heart is pure
My heart is love

I long for you
To be with Me
That is why I sent My Son
For us to be free

Do not allow Sin
To separate
Do not allow Sin
To stay between us two

I came to set you
Free of sin
I came for you
To be totally forgiven

My dearest children
Believe in Me
Believe in the price
Paid by My Son

That way we can once again
Be together
That way we can once again
Be truly one

Say yes to heaven
Say no to hell
Please be a part of My bride
Please be ready and stay prepared

For the coming of My Son
Will catch you off guard
Totally unprepared
If you do not heed to what I say

Please dearest children, please
Please believe in the life
Death and resurrection of My Son
By doing so you will have eternal life

Glory to the King
Yes forever and forever

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