Father’s Pride & Joy

Those who seek
o How they will find
Dearest world do not give up
There is still time for you to find Me

The door is still open
Though it is starting to close
Come dearest world
Come before it is too late

My dearest children
I long to tell you more
About the beauty inside My heart
Please will you come and find

Please will you come and seek
With all your heart and soul
Please will you come and show Me
You have what it takes

My dearest children
People of this world
Please come and find
Please come and search with all you got

My dearest children
Dearest world
I long for you to come seek
I long for you to find

I get so happy
Father says
When I see people
Turning from their wicked ways

Dearest children
Dearest world
I want you to know I get so proud
I get so proud when I see you doing this

When I see you
Put your hand of Trust
In My heart of Love
My dearest children nothing blesses Me more

Nothing brings Me more joy
Than you saying I will trust the King’s heart
I will believe His Son
I will love Him more and more each day

Nothing brings Me more joy
Father says
Than knowing who you are
And what you will find in Me

My dearest children
I get so proud when I see people
Willing to lay down their own ways
Coming to find Mine

My dearest children
I am so proud of you
Thank you for laying down sin
Thank you for putting it aside

Thank you dearest children
For striving to know Me more and better each day
For loving Me
For striving for love and righteousness in all you say and do

I am so proud of you dearest world
When you turn your back
On all that is not from Me
And you come and find My heart

Thank you dearest children
For letting go of sin
And all unrighteousness

I am so proud of you
I get so proud
Thank you dearest children
Dearest world for putting Me 1st

Thank you dearest King Jesus
Yeshua that You came
Thank you dearest Father
For sending Your only Son

Thank you for all Your love and grace
We long to know You more
We want to make You more proud

You gave us life
Healing and redemption
With the LOVE You have SHOWN
Thank you so very much

More and more dearest children
I want to give you so much more
Sin and Shame I will redeem
By My Saving Grace

Thank you Jesus that You came
We long for more of You
Please help us to always
Seek until we find

We will not seek You
And not find
You will be found
If we seek with an open honest heart

This is what I so want you
To find
My beauty and splendor
In all around

Dearest children
In the smile of a child’s face
In the happiness of the sun
In the tears of a broken heart

My dearest children
I am in all around
All you need to do is seek
And then dearest child you will surely and definitely find

Never stop seeking dear child
Until you find
Until you find
Then you will see all the truth of all I am talking about


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