Perfect Sacrifice

Please come and find Me dearest world
Please come and find Me
Please open your heart
Please invite Me in

I long for this world to know Me
Father says
Truly know Me
Not all the lies they were led to believe

Dearest people of this world
You do not know Me, you have it all wrong
Lay down your preconceived ideas
Please dear children let us start with a clean slate

You believe all the ugly lies
Saying I love pain
Saying I love sorrow
Saying I allow sin

Dearest children listen
Me and Sin we will never be one
This is why I had to send My Son
This is why He came

Sin separated you
From the beauty in My heart
It made you to not see
It made you to not trust Me

See dear children
This is what it’s all about
For you to return
For you to come back to Me

Just like in the days of old
In the garden of Eden
I want to call your name
Say … Son and Daughter please come to Me

Sin has put so much shame on My people
Remember how they hid
Dear children
They knew they did wrong

And this is how it is
With many children today
They know they have sinned
They know they have fallen short of My glory

But dearest children that is why I came
That is why I sent My Son
For Me and you to truly be one again
As we once were

I made atonement for sin
Says Father-God
By the blood
And perfect sacrifice of My son

Dearest children
Will you please put your trust and faith in Him
Will you please allow Him
To be the Lord over your life?

Because this is what is necessary says Father-God
To reign over sin
To invite Him in
To believe He died for you

The punishment
Each and everyone on planet earth deserved
He took on Himself
When He became the perfect sacrifice

Yes it was not easy
But He knew
What was needed
To bring you back to Me

So He laid down His life
He paid the price for sin
So that those who believed in Him
Should not die but have eternal life

This is dearest children
My heart’s desire for you
To truly find Me
This is what the Father says

Believe in Me
Believe in the death and resurrection of My Son
And I will give you
A brand-new life

A life where you will have the opportunity
To forever be with Me
A life where you will truly be happy
Whilst here on earth

Dearest King Jesus
Thank you so much that You came
Thank you so much that You gave Your life
In place of mine, in place of mine

Put your trust in Me
All who wants to be saved
I will give you eternal life
As you put your trust in Me

Repent of your sin
Please turn around
Invite Me in
Allow Me to live inside your heart

Dearest children
My heart for you is truly beautiful
Sin or shame you will have no more
When you lay down your old life for Me

I will give you
A brand-new one
All because you have believed in My Son
All because you came

Therefore trust Me
Dearest children
I make all things new
Please just come as you are

Repent of not knowing Me
Repent of not walking in My ways
Dearest children please
Please allow Me to pave the way

I’ve shown you the way
To get to Me
All I need from you
Is to come and believe in Me

Believe in the death of My Son
That He died for you
Believe that He got resurrected
Believe that He is coming again

My dearest children
I love you so much
My heart’s desire is that you will find
That you will truly find Me

Continue to seek
Continue to read
You will find Me dearest child
If you do not cease

Stop with the things of the world
Please invite Me in
Please invite Me
To come live inside your heart

All things I will make new
By My love and grace
Old things will be no more
You are now My Son

Thank you dearest child
For coming
For putting your trust in Me
For finding Me

Glory to the King
Hallelujah, Amen.

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