Longing for the King

Lay down your ways
Please come
And ask Me
For Mine

Please will you set aside
All things not from Me
And come spend
Time with Me?

Dearest children
I long to show you more of My heart
If only you would ask
Please will you come

Please will you ask
Lord please show me more of You
Reveal the secrets in Your heart
For me to truly understand just how beautiful You are

Thank you dearest King
For loving us so much
We give You
All the love and praise

Open our hearts Abba
With the beauty of Your love
Open our hearts
For everything from You

Please Abba will you close our hearts
From all not from You
So that we will truly be willing
To lay them down

You give us
The strength and wisdom
To face each day
You are with us always

Thank you for being who You are
Thank you for caring so much
Please help us
To love You with our all

To appreciate You dearest King
To always give You
All the love and praise
You so much deserve

You are our Stronghold
In the storms of life
You truly are the One
Who is always with us

Help us Abba
To honor you the way
You deserve
To give You all our love and praise

Thank you for loving us
Thank you for sending Your only Son
Now we can have a relationship with You
Love You more each day

This is how we will be safe
To just abide in Your peace, love and acceptance for us
Fully we have been forgiven
To freely now live for You

This is our heart’s desire
Dearest King Jesus
To know You not only as Savior
But to also know You in Spirit and Truth

You are the One our hearts long for
We love to know You more
Father please give us
This unquenchable thirst for all from You

We long
To know You more
Please show us more
By Your love and grace

Please help us to stand
In difficult times
And to keep our eyes
Always on You

Glory to the King
Yes forever more,

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