Ask for more

Come and find Me
Says Father-God
Come and find Me
Says the King

Dearest world you have no idea
What you are missing out on
All because you cannot say no
To the world and her earthly things

Dearest world
Dearest children
There is so much more
So much more than what you perceive

I’m inviting you
To come closer
I’m inviting you
To come live inside My heart

Dearest world
Dearest child
Please there is so much more
Waiting to be found

Please dearest children
Don’t just stop at the cross
Come deeper
Come find all the beauty inside My heart

My heart and ways
Are so beautiful
Father says
Truly beautiful

See Father says
There is My Kingdom Ways
And then there is
The ways of the world

Father-God says
I want to teach you My ways dearest children
Will you please allow Me
To take you deeper into My heart

Start asking for more
Father says
Please dearest children
Start asking for more

I want to reveal My heart
To all those willing to ask
Will you please come and find
This is what our Father asks

Dearest children
I want you to come deeper
I want you to come discover
The deepest depths inside My heart

Bring My Word says Father
This is your flashlight
It will show you the way
If only you will ask

Dearest children
It is time to go deeper
It is time to come find
All the beautiful depths inside My heart

My truth I will reveal
More truth
To those willing to ask
Those willing to come and find

Dearest children
There is always more
To be found
I want you to know this

Dearest child please come and find
Please come and find
Ask Me dearest children
When you open your Word

Show me more Abba
Show me more of You
I want to know the real You

So many people
Wishing they had it all
Little do they know
They only need to know You

You are the real and true
Purpose of life
There is nothing
That our dearest King cannot do

From finding the lost
Saving the lost
His heart is beautiful
How I wish you knew this too

From being who You are
To loving us so much
Lord our Father-God
We give You all the love and praise

You are the One
Our hearts desire to know
You are the One who makes us smile
With so much happiness inside

You are the One who brings
True joy and happiness to this world
Truly Your splendor
Is above all compare

Lord our Father-God
There is just no one like You
And we are truly just so thankful
For knowing the real You

Thank you Abba Father for being alive
Thank you for being who You are
Not at all
Like all the other gods

You are above them all
Dearest King Jesus
What a privilege and pleasure
To call You our Abba Father-God

There is none like You
Forever and Ever there will be none like You
You truly are Abba
The One our hearts long for

Abba please help us
To honor You
With the way we live our lives
The words we say

Lord we want to
Bring glory to Your Name
Therefore we never want to say
Lord no not me

Lord for we know
You will always use
You want to use
People willing to come

People willing to say
Lord not My will be done
But always
Always Yours

Lord our Father-God
We want to give You all the glory
Reverence and adoration of our hearts
You truly are the One they belong to

Help us Lord
Please more and more
To have this desire in our hearts
To be more like Jesus our King

The love
He has shown this world
We want to also spread it
Wide and wherever we may go

Lord please help us
To never put or place
Anything before You
To always glorify You

It may not always be easy
But it is possible
With Your power and Holy Spirit
Living inside of us

You will help us Abba-Lord
To accept Your love and grace

‘Cause this is what You teach us
Every time we fall
We are good enough
For you are with us

Every time we stumble
You are there to help us up again
You are there to restore
What the locust has stolen

You are Abba-Father
The Restorer of our hearts
You are the One
Our hearts truly long for

No one can take Your place
For no one is like You
You deserve first place
Now and forever dear Lord

Help us Abba Father
To search for more of You
To spend time with You
And to truly allow our hearts to listen

For Father this is our
One and only desire
Truly above all
To KNOW the Voice of our King

When You share
May we listen
When You ask
May we truly open up

Because Abba You love it
You love it when we come before Your throne
And we say from the heart
Lord I am here to worship You

You love it Lord
When we make time for You
In our busy schedules
You absolutely love it

Thank you Abba Lord
For showing us and teaching us
You truly are the One
Who fulfills the deepest needs inside of us

Nothing or no-one comes close
To the love You have for us
And this is what
We are truly thankful for

Nothing, nothing on earth
Can ever compare
Because You are Lord we are
And we say TRULY thank you

From the bottom of our hearts
Thank you for meaning so much to us
Thank you for coming
Thank you for sending Your Only Son

We love Your Word
We love Your Son
You have shown us the path to take
If only we will trust You

Therefore break open our hearts
Please let us discover
More of who You are

We long for Your Kingdom Ways
To become ours
We long to do things
Your way

Show us Abba Father-God, please show us
Please reveal more of Who You are
We will listen, we will obey
By the love and grace of who You are

You are the Strength of our hearts
Dearest King Jesus
And we love You
This is all we say

Because we love
We want to obey
Because we are loved
We want to listen

Show us more Abba
Please help us to not be afraid
For Your heart is truly beautiful
You are always with us

We lay down our truths
All because we want more of You
Your ways make them our ways
In all we say and do

Thank you dearest King Jesus

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