Beautiful Thing

Come to Me
All who are downhearted and heavy-burdened
I will give you rest
This is what Father says

For many years
You have kept your heart and life
On idols
Not from Me

My dearest children
I’m calling you and this world
To come before My throne
To come and repent

Now I know Father says
Repent is not a nice word
It’s almost always something
No one wants to hear

But says Father-God
Repentance is actually a beautiful thing
It says you will follow Me
And turn your back on sin

My dearest children
This is truly a beautiful thing
Repentance says you will turn from your wicked ways
It says you will follow Mine

Do not be afraid to repent from sin
Repent says to turn away from everything evil
Truly dear child can you see
This is a beautiful thing

My dearest children
I know it is a hard battle
To deny sin and to come
Live freely for Me

But dear children I want you to know
I will fight this battle for you
As long as you are committed
To stay in this battle with Me

Dearest children
Repentance is actually a beautiful thing
It says Father I will find Yours
I will lay down my own

Thank you dearest King Jesus
For being with us
For making us Your children
For caring so much

Our heart’s desire Lord
Is to follow in Your ways
To always allow You
To shine Your Light on us

Lord we want more
Of You and Your ways
We want to lay down our own
We want to live freely for You

To love you Abba
More deeply every day
This is our heart’s desire
To be truly one with You

If that means to lay down our fleshly desires
If that means to worship You and not ourselves
We want to do it
With a glad and happy heart

Thank you dearest King
For sending us Your Son
For being here with us

We choose to lay down
Our hearts desires
We choose to lay down
Our earthly pleasures

So we can truly find
All the joy
That is found

If repentance and turning around
Coming to You
Means that we can be one with You
Then this is what we will do

We will aim and seek
At knowing You more intimately
We will make it our life’s calling
To find and live for You

Thank you Abba Lord
For being with us
That You sent Your Son
That You are here with us

Turn your heart on sin dear world
Turn your heart on all not from Me
Please come
And seek after Me

Seek until you find
This is what our Father says
Seek until you find

Repentance is truly a beautiful thing
For it brings us closer to the King
And who
Would not want to be there

So when you see something in your life
Not pleasing to the King
Admit you did wrong
And turn around again

To walk in the right way
To walk in the Way of Light
Our Father will help you
Every step of the way

For as Jesus ascended
He sent us a Helper
A Aid in time of need
Our Guide and very best Friend

Ask Him to help you dearest friend
Ask Him to guide the way
He will be with us until the end
Always very close and nearby

Make Him your friend
He’ll show you the way
Just be sure to follow His lead

He will make you strong
Against your adversaries
He will give you
The strength to overcome

For when you are in Christ
All has become brand-new
A brand-new day has arrived
The chance to live for the King

This is why
Make Him your daily strength
Find in Him
What you cannot self be

He will be with you
He will guide the way
He will help you to do
Every day only His will

Repent and see your turn-around
So much life and love
Blessing and peace
It has brought into your life

Let go of sin
Please be saved
Turn around dear world, repent
And please come find Me

I know what I have prepared
And I will show and guide the way
As long as you put
Your full trust in Me


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