Cold & Icy Hearts

So much joy
Happiness and peace
I have found
In knowing who You are

Thank you Jesus
That You came
Thank you so much
For loving me

I give You
All the love and praise
You so worthily deserve
Who can ever compare to You

There is none
There is none like You
Abba we long to know You more
We long to truly hear from You

Will You open up our hearts
Help us to truly let You in
Because Abba this is what we find
So difficult to do sometimes

We don’t allow
Your love and compassion
To pierce and soften
Our cold and icy hearts

Lord we long for more of You
We need You more
Please help us Abba-Lord
To give You all we are

To never hold anything back from You
To love and adore You
With everything we are
Lord Jesus we love You

Thank you so much for coming to find us
Our hearts were also once cold and icy
Not allowing You
Or anything good to enter in

But still
In Your matchless grace
You did not give up
You continued on

Thank you dearest Jesus
For not giving up
For not letting go
Even until today You are holding on

Thank you for coming dearest Jesus
Thank you for revealing Abba’s heart
We long for more of you Jesus
And we truly say Thank You

Glory Abba Father
Glory be to Your Name
Thank you for not giving up
Not even for a second

Thank you for keeping on trying
Keeping on winning back our hearts
Our hearts long for more of you Jesus
You truly are just beautiful

Be glorified Abba
Be lifted up
We give You all the love and praise
You so lovingly deserve

Thank you for opening up
Our hearts and ears for Your love
Nothing in all the earth
Can ever compare to You

Thank you
For saying yes
For allowing Me in
Dear child

That is the only way
For things to be turned around
When My children truly say
I will believe my King

Believe My heart dear children
And know this
I am always with you
Until the end of days


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