King of kindness

Soft and kind
Are Your words
Like a loving touch
Showing the way

Abba Father God
Thank you for
Your kindest heart
It means so much to me

You are so so kind Daddy
And it means the world to me
You are so very trustworthy
Kind in all Your ways

I wish this world could find you Daddy
Just for who You are
Never again would they ever
Search for anything more

I’m so glad
I could find
The One my soul
Longed for

Daddy I did not know
You were the One
My soul longed for
Until I found You

Yes Daddy-God
In that day
I found so much meaning
I found what life was truly about

I could never understand
Truly, really
Why we were here
Until I found You

So many things Daddy
I found in the day
That I found You
I can now look back and say

Truly You are the most beautiful Rock
The steadfast Rock of all ages
The One my soul loves
And longs for

So many things You have made better
Since the day I met You
I cannot say thank you enough

The joy
o The unspeakable vibrant joy found in You
I never knew it existed
I never knew I could experience it

o Dearest people of the world
You have not found anything
If you have not yet found
Jesus in all His glory and splendor

o Children of the world
Closer to Me
This is what He is constantly saying

I cannot understand
Many times over
How people can keep on denying Him
How they can constantly say no

I do not understand
I so wish I could open their eyes
Make them see
The Lover of my soul

So, so kind
In all His ways
Vibrant and beautiful
No one can deny

o Lover of my soul
Most beautiful One
King of Kindness
Will You come

Will you come Daddy
Will You allow me to see
More of Your most beautiful heart

I’m waiting on you
Dearest world
I know this is what You’re always saying
With Your arms open wide

So ready and eager
You’re always inviting us in
It’s us that never comes
It’s us that never asks You to show us more

o Daddy
I wish, I wish
This world could see
Just how beautiful You are

Come world
Come now
Come open your blind eyes
Come truly see

I know Daddy-God
Many will still say
No this is not for me
And not ever come

Still Daddy I would like to share
These words with them
I’d like to say
Friends you are so wrong

Kindness waits
Eternal Love too
How can you say no
Do you not know what this is?

o Friend
I cannot understand
How can you say no
With the greatest ease

You dearest one
Have no idea
What you are missing out on
I wish you could see

One day it will be too late
That day will come
I just hope that by then
Your eyes would’ve been opened long-time



Worshiping hearts

Glory to the highest King
Glory to the One
Who deserves all the love and praise
This world could ever bring

Daddy-God the adoration in our hearts
The worship
The affection
We bring before Your throne

You deserve the highest praise
You deserve all the worship
This world could ever bring

Daddy we worship
And exalt You
We give You the highest praise
Our hearts could ever find to sing

Who Daddy-God
Who on earth
Could and will ever be like You
You saturate the world with the beauty of who You are

Daddy our hearts long for more of You
Daddy those who love You
Those who know You
They say come

Come o Bridegroom
Teach our hearts more of the wisdom and love
Inside Your heart
Help us to pursue You Daddy, always

o Our hearts long for Your courts Daddy
They long for You
We want more
This is what they sing

Daddy will You come
Will You tell us more of the love and wisdom
In Your heart

Daddy will You grant us
The hearts and ears to listen
Daddy will You grant us
The privilege to speak about it everywhere we go

o Daddy You have planted
A seed in my heart
A seed of Your grace
And how it has grown

You are the Song
My heart desires to sing
Now and Always
Daddy You and You alone

The greatest gift
You have given us
The day You gave Your Son
To show Your love

o Holy One
o Daddy
We love You
We worship around Your throne

Worshipers have come
Many through the ages
To tell of Your great love
To tell of what You have done

Daddy may we continue
With this journey they were on
May we continue to give the beacon
To the next generation and then after them

o Daddy we love You
We cannot say it enough
Your love is something
Much brighter than the sun

It lits up
Our darkest nights
It gives hope
When all seems to have gone

o Daddy we cannot believe
That You chose us
That You thought of us
Long before we were born

o Daddy-God
That You chose us
That You chose us
That You thought of us first

Our hearts cannot contain
The gratitude we feel
When we look at the Cross
And all You have done

Daddy this is why we are so happy
This is why we clap, sing and dance
It is because we cannot say it enough
Thank you

Our lives have become
The sound-board
For our appreciation
For what we feel inside

Daddy there is no greater honor
Than having You Yourself live inside of us
No greater privilege
Can ever be found on planet earth

We love You
Dearest King
We appreciate all
You have done

And yes Daddy
Although it is no must
We agree with You wholeheartedly
We make You our King

You are the purest God
The loveliest One
Those who do not agree
They have found the wrong one

You are the real and true King
You are the realest
And truest One
There could ever be

Daddy we just give You our all
We say
Daddy let Your will be done
Not ours

We give You our love
We give You our praise
A love that did what Yours did
Deserves not anything less

o Daddy
Thank you
We worship You
We say thank you


Cold & Icy Hearts

So much joy
Happiness and peace
I have found
In knowing who You are

Thank you Jesus
That You came
Thank you so much
For loving me

I give You
All the love and praise
You so worthily deserve
Who can ever compare to You

There is none
There is none like You
Abba we long to know You more
We long to truly hear from You

Will You open up our hearts
Help us to truly let You in
Because Abba this is what we find
So difficult to do sometimes

We don’t allow
Your love and compassion
To pierce and soften
Our cold and icy hearts

Lord we long for more of You
We need You more
Please help us Abba-Lord
To give You all we are

To never hold anything back from You
To love and adore You
With everything we are
Lord Jesus we love You

Thank you so much for coming to find us
Our hearts were also once cold and icy
Not allowing You
Or anything good to enter in

But still
In Your matchless grace
You did not give up
You continued on

Thank you dearest Jesus
For not giving up
For not letting go
Even until today You are holding on

Thank you for coming dearest Jesus
Thank you for revealing Abba’s heart
We long for more of you Jesus
And we truly say Thank You

Glory Abba Father
Glory be to Your Name
Thank you for not giving up
Not even for a second

Thank you for keeping on trying
Keeping on winning back our hearts
Our hearts long for more of you Jesus
You truly are just beautiful

Be glorified Abba
Be lifted up
We give You all the love and praise
You so lovingly deserve

Thank you for opening up
Our hearts and ears for Your love
Nothing in all the earth
Can ever compare to You

Thank you
For saying yes
For allowing Me in
Dear child

That is the only way
For things to be turned around
When My children truly say
I will believe my King

Believe My heart dear children
And know this
I am always with you
Until the end of days