Eternal Love

Open your eyes dear world
See what the Father has prepared
For those who love Him
For those willing to come

Dearest world
It is time for you to come closer
It is time for you to come find
The true beauty inside My heart

Long enough
You have been deceived dear world
For long enough
You have believed wrong about Me

This is not who I am
I am not there to deceive
I am the One you can trust
With all you have and are

Come dear world
Come dear friend
Come closer
Come find out who I truly am

I’m here to love you dearest child
I’m not here to condemn
I’m here to tell you there is always hope
Simply because I am

Dearest world come to Me
Please stop running away
This is not why I made you Father says
I made you to find Me

Dearest world please
Please come and find Me
Dearest world listen to the voice
Of your heavenly Dad

He is calling you
Dearest world
Dearest child
Please come and believe in Me

Dearest children please
Please come and believe
Dearest world if you could only see
My heart breaks with love for you

My heart aches to call you My child
Dearest child please will when it be
When will you come, when will you allow My love
To heal your broken heart

Dearest child I see the deep sorrow inside your heart
Dearest child I long to make it better
I long to mend your broken heart
Dearest child when will you come

When will you allow Me
To touch your broken heart?
Your heart is broken
In so many places

Dearest child will you please believe
I can make it all better
I can truly mend a broken heart
My heart for you is love dearest child

So much love, so much love
I want to pour out on your heart
I want to tell your heart
Dearest son, dearest daughter

I love you so much
And I came to repair
I came to repair all the damage sin created
I came to repair all the brokenness sin has allowed

Dearest, dearest child
Please, please come
Please say yes to My love
The lost will become the found

I love you
Dearest child
And how I wish and pray
That this you will find

Beyond any measure is My great love for you
Nowhere else can it ever be found
But in Me
But in Me

Dearest, dearest child
Please will you believe Me
When I say I love you
With an everlasting love

I came for you
To be eternally free
I came for you
To forever be with Me

Please will you say yes
To this LOVE you found
Please dearest child, please say yes
And please come to Me

Hallelujah, Amen.

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