True Surrender

Come follow after My heart for you dear children
Come and find My heart
Lay aside your plans
Come follow after Mine

Allow My will
My ways
My heart
To lead the way

Dearest children
Do not be afraid to trust Me
Come and surrender all
Come and trust My heart

I know there are many plans
In your hearts, many
Not all are from Me
Some are born in your own hearts

Surrender your hearts
Surrender your lives
Dear children
Trust the King’s heart

I know what I’m doing Father says
Always and always
Just trust My heart dear children
Trust My heart

Never let go
Never let go of My hand
Hold on until the end
This is what our Father says

Dearest child
You will find and you will see
The longer you walk this road with Me
My heart is truly pure and clean

Do not give up halfway
Dear children
Keep your eyes and focus on Me
I care more than people can perceive

Come dear children come seek after My heart
I know of your silent tears
The ones you cry at night
The ones you think no one knows about

Dearest children I care and I see
Therefore please just come to Me
Stop pretending to be strong
Come dearest children, please come to Me

I know what you fully and truly need
Keep your heart and focus on Me
Love Me more than the things of this world
Love Me more Father asks and see how all are turned around

Dearest children I love you
I see the deepest need
From the biggest to the smallest
Please will you trust My heart?

Surrender your hearts dear children
Surrender your lives
You will see dearest children
How all – but all – can be turned around for you

Forget about fending for yourself
Dearest child please will you believe
I can take care of you
Please will you just come and trust My heart

Give in Father says
Let go of what was
Follow My heart
Come after Me

I love you dearest children
Too much to perceive
Just trust My heart
And please come follow wholly after Me

I love you dearest children
With a love too big to be contained or understood by this world
Come follow wholly after Me
You will see and find this the truth to be.

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